The New York Knicks took over the Indiana Pacers with an 87 - 81 victory, the team was in good spirits after the victory but things did not go well for the Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis. The NBA superstar had collided with Indiana guard Monta Ellis and walked home with a bruised left thigh.

The incident took place while he was moving without the ball during the opening moments of the fourth quarter. Porzingis had limped his way back to the locker room with the help of a team trainer as per NBA.

The NBA superstar had scored 11 points on 5 for 17 shooting, there was no immediate medical response available and it turns out that Porzingis will need to take good rest and medication to heal. He has already missed ten games this season and might just miss a couple more.

The Knicks are out of the playoff race and they are more likely on taking a cautious approach with Porzingis's injury. Their next match is scheduled on Thursday against Brooklyn, it might be too short for Porzingis to join his team mates when the take on Brooklyn. The second year forward is averaging with 18 points, seven rebounds and two blocks on the season.

Porzingis has been trying to play his best this season, but his ten games that he missed has brought it a little rough on him. There is no doubt about it that the player has been much appreciated by his team mates.

At this moment Porzingis has no say as to when he will return in action, but he described his injury as nothing serious. Based on his words the team believes that they will get back their forward soon. Most of the NBA players go through this phase in their career, maybe this is the time for Porzingis.