DeMarcus Cousins has finally expressed happiness about teaming up with Anthony Davis in the New Orleans Pelicans team. He said that together they can wreak havoc on this league and also declared that their potential is scary.

After being traded to New Orleans Pelicans, DeMarcus Cousins has finally admitted that he is happy to team up with Anthony Davis, Sporting News claimed. Speaking of Davis, the 26-year-old player said that their games complement one another and being together will make their jobs easier. He also exuded confidence in their pairing and stated that they can wreak havoc on this league.

Though DeMarcus Cousins denied the havoc happening overnight, he did say that their potential is scary. Notably, Cousins was not happy about being traded to New Orleans Pelicans by Sacramento. He always said that he liked his former team and had become frustrated with the lack of another elite talent.

However, things have changed. According to NBA, DeMarcus Cousins has got the 6-foot-11 inches Anthony Davis on his side and together they will be debuting for New Orleans Pelicans on Friday against Houston. As of now, Davis enjoys an average of 27.7 points and 11.9 rebounds while Cousins has an average of 27.8 points and 10.6 rebounds.

Anthony Davis is also a four-time NBA All-Star and Sunday night saw him recording 52 points and getting named MVP. As for Cousins, he has been the NBA All-Star from 2015 to 2017 and can become a free agent next year provided New Orleans Pelicans does not sign him further.

However, one does not know much as DeMarcus Cousins has said that he is not prepared to discuss his contract situation now but also added that he is all in. He maintained that he will make the best use of this opportunity and see what does the future hold. General Manager Dell Demps is also hopeful and said that putting together DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis and Jure Holiday is exciting and holds many possibilities.