NBA superstar Andre Iguodala has been following the steps of DeMarcus Cousins, the Golden State Warriors player has been fined with $10,000 for racially insensitive remarks. It was not long that DeMarcus was fined $50,000 for using inappropriate language at fans during a match.

As for Andre the league fined him $10,000 for his racial remarks, though the player did not have any comments on the NBA's punishment, it is said that he used the N word repeatedly during his media address on Friday.

According to ESPN, Andre said that the comments were made only inside the locker room and it was a joke. It is believed that those comments was for the coach Steve Kerr, but Andre made it clear and clarified that it was not directed to coach Steve in any manner. He further stated that he has a great relationship with Steve and he surely knows about it.

Things did not go well for the Warriors, considering their four losses in the past six games they also had to deal with the injury of Kevin Durrant. Andre later on expressed regret for his comments and the effect it took on the team.

Coach Steve simply reacted that he was not bothered about the comments. He made it clear that Andre was not talking about him and he is not offended even in the slightest manner. Steve seemed to be very sportive about the issue, he said that humorous things happen in the locker room and he did not take anything from it because it was Andre just being Andre.

He also told a group of reporters in a statement saying "you guys just got Andre'd," he said that Andre is one of those guys who likes to stir the pot. Now that everything was clear between the coach and Andre, the player still has to pay a fine of $10,000.