The Miami Heat are quiet during yesterday trade deadline despite the fact that they were frequently being mentioned in the rumor mills for a couple of months. But being quiet doesn't necessarily mean that didn't make a move as recent reports disclosed that they allegedly tried to trade two players on their roster.

The Miami Heat have gone through a lot before the start of the regular season. Dwyane Wade left the team last summer and decide to sign with the Chicago Bulls while Chris Bosh was not allowed to play by league doctors due to a blood clot that was previously sidelined him two year ago.

Last month, the Miami Heat is almost at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standing holding an 11-30 win-loss record. But since then, they were able to win thirteen straight games and now just two and a half games behind the eight-seeded Detroit Piston. With a chance to make it to the postseason, one report floated that they made an effort of striking a deal yesterday.

According to sources from The Vertical, the Miami Heat has purportedly "shopped" a package that includes Wayne Ellington and Josh McRoberts in an intention of moving their contracts. Ellington is earning $6 million this season and $6.3 million for next season which is non-guaranteed while McRoberts will have $5.8 million this season and $6 million next season.

Though a deal was never consummated, it doesn't mean that the two players are safe with their spot. The move seems to be signifying that the Miami Heat is looking to free some cap space in their preparation to acquire a big fish in the 2017 free agency market that includes Stephen Curry, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Kyle Lowry, Paul Millsap and even Wade and Kevin Durant.

Since Josh Richardson was sidelined due to a foot injury, Ellington has been a good replacement for him averaging 10.9 points, 1.4 assists and 2.0 rebounds per game this season. But with the imminent return of Richardson to the roster, he is expected to have another limited playing minutes.

On the other hand, McRoberts hasn't played since December last year due to a foot injury also. He seems to be a non-factor to Miami Heat as he is only averaging 4.9 points and 3.4 rebounds this season so there is no surprise that the team is trying to unload him right now.

For now, the Miami Heat will still keep Wayne Ellington and Josh McRoberts on their roster. But the two players will surely be evaluated after the season if they will stay or let go.