Stories kept on spreading that the new Tesla Model 3 will now sport a more advanced and enhanced battery system that will soon carry the 100D codename. This new set of batteries in Tesla cars is expected to improve the performance of future Tesla cars for the next years.

And the new Tesla Model 3 became the hottest topic among customers 24 hours within its release, as it reached orders from 150,000 after it became available for pre-orders. Tesla sees its enhanced batter as the main reason for their impressive sales record for its new car.  

A report from i4u news instated that Elon Musk has a vision in mind to sell 500,000 Tesla Model 3 units to deem the new car as a great success for the company, and as of now, he only needs 350,000 for the first 150,000 already pre-ordered.

"The cell is the same as in the previous versions," Musk said in an interview from Green Car Reports.

He added, " But the module and pack architecture is changed significantly to achieve adequate cooling of the cells in a more energy dense pack and to make sure we don't have the cell to combustion cell propagation."

Indeed, the 100D packs are subject to the same form factor as previous model S packs have with the new and modified version of the standard 18650 lithium-ion cell it developed with Panasonic.

Tesla's Chief Technology Officer, JB Straubel said, " The Tesla Model 3 will have entirely new cells as well as the new module architecture". He also added, "It is a pretty significant change to the battery module and pack technology. It will be a complete redo of the cooling system, which is unique to Tesla and that have been improving on for many years. And this new pack is the next version of that."

Aside from the 100D battery pack, experience Tesla's Model 3 new features of supercharging and Autopilot v8.0 system.