In a featured poll conducted in Florida from August 22 to August 24, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton leads public opinion with more than 40%. Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump's survey result is just a few percent lower to that of Clinton's. It's a close fight between the two candidates for the next President of the US, as public opinion on a nationwide scale can also tell.

But the Florida survey shows that around 20% of voters in the state have yet to decide whether to go for Clinton or Trump. This could prove to be a make-or-break for the two candidates, as they have more room to work harder on to convince those undecided to go for them.

As reported by Marc Caputo of, Trump's intrinsically tied with Hillary Clinton and even leads her in some polls. That would require the Republican firebrand to inflict a gravity-defying defeat on Clinton, which would keep Florida's 29 electoral votes in play and his chances in the Electoral College alive.

Brian Burgess, a Tallahassee-based consultant, said, "Trump might win Florida in spite of himself". "He may have found some magic formula-celebrity and ability to tap into the mood of the electorate to win without a tradition campaign". Burgess also instated in a quoted manner that, "Trump's 1-point lead in the trending polls can quickly get erased by a handful of dedicated Democrat field operatives who turn out the vote in South Florida. For in a tight race like this, the ground game makes all the difference."

However, Clinton's team reaction over the gains of Clinton toward Trump at some state polls is very imperative that they would rather see the negative sides before celebrating early. According to Dave Boyer's report from The Washington Times, Mrs. Clinton earned an eight-point advantage from Trump in Pennsylvania, from 46% percent to 38% percent.

The two major-party candidates gained lots of gain from polls and surveys for the November election leaving other candidates behind. Would this translate to a neck-on-ned competition between Clinton and Trump in November?