When NBA 2K17 was released last Sep. 20, it has been reaping more and more good reviews from gamers. Most notable among the reviews was about the feature for Badges, an improved version from NBA 2K16.

First of all, there are 55 confirmed badges for the game. The Morning Ledger has published an article on how to get those badges for the NBA 2K17 games.

People who already played this game may notice of their five predetermined badges. They have to work for the 50 more badges during the match. A player must get an at least seven points per game just to get the badges for the Alpha Dog, Clutch Performer, Wild Card and Spark Plug.

Second, kick some hard work in selecting your archetype and be sure to focus on its primary strengths rather than any characteristics on how it will take the game, according to Forbes. On the other hand, if your player is supposed to be good around the basket, let it maximized its strengths in that area.

Do not forget to take some practice. You will have the best possible opportunities to improve your game play thru participating in drills and practice events. These events are free and the exercises are very simple.

Here are few badges for your NBA 2K17 Player:

The Enforcer Badge, mainly this badge can be attained if you can commit ten non-flagrant fouls for one season only.

The Microwave Badge, get this badge by getting a "hot" status while on you are on offense for nearly five consecutive games.

How to be "Hot," two red rings on your player will give you a clear description that you are now hot.

Alpha Dog, to get the alpha dog, you must be the highest rated player and play at least 60% of your team's minutes per game.

Defensive Stopper, perfect for defense and turn your meter for defense into green.

Break Starter, It gets defensive rebound and throws a pass to a teammate in 50 times transition.

Lob City Passer, It completes a 100 alley-oops in a single season

Dimer, perfect for making 300 assists in one season

Flashy Passer, it perfectly throws 50 flashy passes in one season

Brick Wall, set 100 screens in a single season.