Regular torrent clients must be alarmed for cyber criminals find a new way to infiltrate the said site through spreading malware using popular downloads. Audio, video and other innocent torrent files received an attempt to infect more cyber victims that have yet no idea.

As reported by PC World, InfoArmor has warned that a huge number of hackers are conveying to enter into untouched torrent files. With the use of a tool called RAUM, malware can freely enter computers and possibly cause the problem, severe damage and hidden operates through using an affiliate system.

"InfoArmor has then identified a unique tool used by cyber criminals to distribute malware by packaging it with the most popular torrent files on the Internet," according to a blog post from a website security firm. Plus it produces malicious seeds on Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Demonoid, Kickass Torrents and many other popular torrent trackers today.

InfoArmor also notes that "according to expert statisticians, malicious torrents infect over 12 million users a month, creating significant security risks for users on a myriad of platforms. In many instances, widespread ransomware such as CryptXXX, CTB-Locker and Cerber, online banking Trojan Dridex, password-stealing spyware Pony and others are associated with the identified RAUM instances."

"In some cases, they were specifically looking for compromised accounts of other users on these online communities that were extracted from botnet logs to use them for new seeds on behalf of the affected victims without their knowledge, thus increasing the reputation of the uploaded files," added InfoArmor.

David Bisson from GrahamCluley, states that "These malware weaponized torrent files, while others are parsed torrent files that rely on a high download rating. This reputation is what the cyber criminals are waiting by abusing compromised users' accounts to set up new seeds."

The good thing is, you may not use these torrent trackers or their wares for InfoArmor instated that the high risk is the previous results. At the same time, UK ISP users are safe due to official blocks from these services.