At the very moment IMac 2016 was introduced, rumours become rampant while buyers expect new and advanced features from one of the world's leading company, Apple.

Significantly, theories such as this new iMac might feature AMD Radeon Polaris graphics chips, Virtual Reality and Intel's new Kaby Lake processors have surfaced.

As reported by Ashleigh Allsopp from Macworld, Apple last updated its iMacs on Oct. 13, 2015, bringing the Retina to the smaller Macs for the first time plus equipping the larger models with the new Skylake processor chips. Before that, you had to go back more than two years where Apple introduced the cheaper iMac version in June 2014.

"The company is highly committed to the iMac line and the new iMac 2016 will have a lot of surprises for fans. However, the release of the device may be delayed if Apple decides to incorporate the Intel Kaby Lake processors in iMac 2016," said Tim Cook-Apple CEO.

According to International Business Times, two graphics cards aim to consolidate with iMac 2016 while LG Electronics will be providing the Cupertino-based tech giant monitors that can support up to 5K resolution. At the same time, AMD's RX 470 and RX 480 on Polaris 10 architecture is the second choice.

Whichever of these GPU's will be the selected graphics card for the iMac 2016, fans can expect a top of a class gaming experience and also an immersive integration to VR and Augmented Reality or AR  life experience.

Plus, Apple iMac 2016 is expected to have Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 and some significant changes like removing the headphone jack and makes it wireless, or Bluetooth powered.

For almost a year, is Apple ready to launch iMac then with its virtual reality? We'll find out soon.