It's no secret the on Sept. 10 Apple will unveil the newest iPhone at a major press event. The device, the iPhone 5S, will be a quiet and subtle update to the iPhone family with minimal changes. Despite the quiet update, Apple typically introduces all new devices with a great deal of fanfare in order to get fans excited. A recent video presents a parody commercial highlighting how excited the company wants you to be versus how much work it supposedly put into the device.

The video, meant to be comedic, comes from a popular YouTube personality Matthias who specializes in parody videos and adding other comedic content to his YouTube channel.

In the video some fake Apple executives discuss the revolutionary idea to not revolutionize the already perfect iPhone 5 while mimicking the traditional style of Apple's release video interviews with staff. The characters have false names and vague titles such as "Lorem Ipsum, Senior Something Important Person."

"Here at Apple, we are obsessed with breaking new boundaries, and today, we're throwing all that out the windows, and yet somehow still breaking boundaries" said fake CEO/Senior Know it all Mark in the video. "We have found a way to sell the exact same iPhone a year later, changing nothing but the name, and sell millions."

The similarly fake Bill, CEO/WTF of the video continued the joke saying "To create the new iPhone we started with a design that we really loved and then... stopped."

Of course the video is meant to be a tongue-in-cheek jab at the company for releasing an aesthetically identical device to the one which debuted as the new revolution in smartphones a little less than a year ago. However, the iPhone 5S is realistically expected to come with a new dual LED flash, iOS 7, possibly a finger print scanner and could sport gold and graphite color options. While these may seem like minor changes, for the seasoned iPhone user, they can mean all the difference.

The upcoming low-cost iPhone C was not safe from the parody video either. The video depicts it as the iPhone 5C, "'C' stands for 'cheap,'" Mark said. "Now everyone can own an iPhone, even the peasants."

Apple will unveil the new iPhone 5S and iPhone C at a press event on Sept. 10 from it's California headquarters.