How Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s Wedding Unfolded During World War II?

By Carie P. | Jun 30, 2017 02:44 PM EDT

Until now, some people are still curious about how the wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip happened and unfolded right after the World War II. That's why some significant details regarding one of the high profile royal unions in history were recently disclosed.

The Netflix drama, "The Crown" depicts the life of the members of the royal family and it also featured how Queen Elizabeth got married to Prince Philip. But still, some things in the drama were completely different from what actually happened in the couple's nuptials in the year 1947.

It was reported that the wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip can also be compared to other high-profile royal unions like weddings of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of Monaco and later on, Prince Charles and Princess Diana. According to Vogue, many flocked to the streets as well as to the location of the wedding to witness the event.

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But recent reports just gave details as to what happened before and during the wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. First, it was claimed that their union was not accepted by many. It can be recalled that the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are actually cousins. Moreover, some suggested that the Queen should pick another suitor since Philip was considered arrogant and he had a lack of funds.

However, Queen Elizabeth just ignored all of these and moved forward with her wedding with Prince Philip. Before the royal nuptial, Philip also planned a sweet proposal. While they were at the Balmoral Castle in Scotland, he asked her hand for marriage but her parents did not approve at the time.

Apart from those events, it was also made known that Prince Philip had two bachelor parties, not just one. Before the wedding, he hosted a party at the Dorchester and the press was invited in order to cover the protocol. After that, he and his friends moved to a private party at London's Belfry Club.

Unknown to some, Queen Elizabeth's wedding dress was actually inspired by a painting, "Primavera" by Botticelli. The subject of the said painting dons a silky ivory dress with rose blossoms and Sir Norman Hartnell based from this for Elizabeth's gown.

Lastly, before marrying Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip gave up his Danish and Greek titles. Further, he was also converted from Greek Orthodox to Anglican in order to marry Elizabeth. But in return, he became the Duke of Edinburgh.

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