The Chinese province of Henan wants to use drones to make sure students don't cheat on what is known as "the world's toughest exams."

The National College Entrance Exam, also known as "the gaokao," has pushed some students to cheat due to the large amount of stress it causes, with some studies even blaming it for student suicides, according to Digital Trends.

The test is taken each year by up to 10 million students across China looking to get into higher education.

One of the ways in which students have managed to cheat on the exam is by taking pictures of test questions with tiny cameras, sending them to someone outside, and then receiving the answers through an earpiece, Engadget reported.

Authorities in the city of Luoyan plan on solving this problem with a drone designed to monitor radio activity. The quadcopter will send an alert to exam proctors when it detects a signal and then figure out the cheater's location.

The drone will fly over the exam room at an altitude of about 500 meters and look for radio signals at a distance of about 1 kilometer, Digital Trends reported.

While the effectiveness of the quadcopter has yet to be revealed, the authorities hope that the sight of the drone alone will be enough to make sure students study and avoid cheating on this year's exam.