Former "Full House" star John Stamos will be taking bacterial infection survivor, Kaitlyn Dobrow, to Disneyland, US Magazine reported.

Dobrow, 19, suffered from the life-threatening and highly contagious meningococcemia, linked to meningitis. As a result of the infection, Dobrow underwent 12 surgeries to amputate both her arms from just below the shoulders and her legs from the knee down.

On his Instagram account, Stamos posted a photo on Tuesday with Dobrow in her hospital room and said, "I'm ONLY doing this cause they asked. I said no press. but this story is a must read- plus me and katie have a date to Disneyland."

He also included a link to the original story done after she first got sick, reported in The New York Daily NewsPrior to her illness, Dobrow was known for her love of dance and kickboxing and loved to work out at the gym. When she got sick in February, that all changed.

The infection spread quickly and cut off all circulation to her extremities, leaving doctors no choice but to perform several amputations and skin graphs to save her life. While it was  difficult to deal with at first, Dobrow's father, Don, said his daugther maintains a positive attitude.

"Initially, she cried when she learned about her limbs," he said. "But the following day she said this is something I'll find a way to make work, and joked, 'Who needs a left arm anyway?'"

Her father noted that while Kaitlyn's illness has been extremely upsetting on him and the family, she helps him through it from her hospital bed.

"She ministers to me, it's incredible," he said. "She's so upbeat. She gives all of us so much hope."

As of yet, there is no reported date for Dobrow's trip to Disneyland with Stamos, and there has been no update on her condition.