Talia Joy Castellano died on Tuesday, but has left behind a legacy for those fighting cancer, raising much needed awareness to those who battle the disease.

When Ellen DeGeneres asked "how do you stay so positive," the 13-year-old YouTube make-up guru responded, "a little fishy once told me, 'just keep swimming,;" quoting the talk show host's famous line in Finding Nemo.

And Talia never let the cancer stop her. She became the poster-child and advocate for cancer research. The teen YouTube personality also collaborated with an LA designer Urbana for her own clothing line, "That Bald Chick," and her story was featured in the documentary movie "The Truth 365," which raised awareness for child cancer research.

The bright-eyed girl never stopped smiling, and celebrities took notice of her. With the help of DeGeneres, Talia became a correspondent for the "I Heart Radio" concert in Las Vegas, interviewing celebrities like Usher, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus with ease. DeGeneres even talked famous makeup brand, and her sponsor, Covergirl to make Talia the first and only honorary Covergirl.

Talia's family took to her official Facebook page to explain what their little angel wanted to leave behind:

Talia wanted "to leave her footprints, and handprints" on this world so she will never be forgotten, and she has definitely done more than that. Talia started doing makeup tutorials on YouTube in 2011 and also used this social media platform to share her life living with cancer. Talia said she always wanted to be remembered "as the bubbly girl who is the voice of childhood cancer". With one video, Angels on YouTube, she went viral and from there she became the voice for children with cancer everywhere. Talia started wearing makeup at the age of seven, learning from her friend Tammy, and started using makeup to make her feel beautiful when all of her hair had fallen out from the chemo. Talia hated wearing wigs and came up with the saying "Makeup is My Wig".

According to the BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation, one of Talia's last "footprints" were on their charity.

"She helped raise over $100,000 in her campaign, Bring Hope Home, for a permanent home for the organization," BASE said in a statement. "A room filled with make-up will be dedicated to Talia."

A private service will be held for Talia's close friends and family. Her family also confirmed a public tribute in Talia's honor will be held on Aug. 18, which would have been her 14th birthday.