When Tesla announced its Model X at its design studios in 2012, car enthusiasts were excited. They were finally going to get a crossover model from Tesla that could leave an impact on the automobile market. Tesla was originally supposed to start production in 2013, but delay after delay pushed the date back, to the point where no one is 100 percent sure when the Model X will hit the market.

However, a recent video seems to give Tesla Motors fans an idea when the car will be available.
Tesla's recent reports revealed that its plan is to start building the Model X by 2015's third quarter. It also said on the Model X website that it hoped to deliver the car to customers by early 2016. While that originally sounded like another empty promise, a recent video offered evidence of Tesla actually being able to fulfill that deadline.

YouTube channel "nbkagzw13" posted a video of a Tesla Model X driving around in Palo Alto. This led many to speculate about whether it really was the Model X or not. When Business Insider asked Tesla about the potential of the recorded car actually being a Model X, Tesla confirmed its suspicions.

Tesla describes the Model X as a car "designed from the ground up to combine the space and functionality of a sport utility vehicle with seating for seven adults and the uncompromised performance of a Tesla. It is an automobile above category."

Every Model X will come with Dual Motor All Wheel Drive and brilliantly functional Falcon Wing Doors. It will also have a variety of battery and performance options.