A growing number of people are alleging that WiFi is effecting their health, triggering a number of pre-existing health issues. 

The condition is called electromagnetic hypersensitivity intolerance syndrome (EHS), meaning the radiation from electronic devices are making some people ill. 

63-year-old Mary Coales of London suffers from EHS, which forces her to avoid theaters, restaurants, airports, or parks at all costs, Mail Online reported. When she goes to hospitals - which are all filled with equipment emitting radiation - she waits until the last minute to go inside for her appointments. 

"Before I developed EHS in 2012, I wouldn't have believed the condition existed," Coales said to Mail Online. "The idea of becoming ill because of the technology I'd used for years without previously having any problems is surreal."

To make going in public bearable Coales wears Aaronia Shield fabrics, which are designed to protect the body from electric fields. The fabric is made in Germany and costs about $110 per yard.

For people suffering from EHS visiting a friend could be a painful journey.

"I've had to change my entire life to find ways to avoid being exposed to wifi and phone signals," Coales said to Mail Online. "Wifi is everywhere now, so it's very difficult to avoid. It's even more difficult to avoid people with mobile phones. I hardly ever go to public places, and only go to friends' houses if they have switched everything off beforehand."

EHS is still a fairly new condition so there is still very little scientific explanation behind it, although five percent of Britons (over 3 million people) feel they suffer from some degree of EHS, Mail Online reported. 

To those suffering from the condition they don't need the science to tell them that the condition is a growing epidemic. 

'For us, this is very real.' Sue Brown, 53, a retired teacher who also suffers from EHS, said to Mail Online.