Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo, a breast cancer oncologist at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, allegedly poisoned her lover who George Blumenschein who also works from the same center.

According to the affidavit served to the female doctor on May 29, the incident happened in January 27 in her residence in Southside Place when she added a toxic substance to the coffee she gave to her former lover. The substance involved was ethylene glycol.

Ethylene glycol is a highly toxic substance used as automotive antifreeze which should never be ingested by humans in any case. She deceived Blumenschein by telling it was a Splenda sweetener. He already noticed that something was weird that day as he always wanted his coffee black but she still served her a sweet coffee. She persuaded him to drink two cups of coffee that day of the same distinct sweet taste. He trusted her since they have a casual sexual relationship during that time.

Sixteen hours later, he was rushed to the emergency room where he had to undergo series of dialysis due to central nervous system depression, cardiopulmonary complications and renal failure. After reviewing the doctor’s urine, laboratory tests detected the presence of the toxic substance. A toxicology report then confirmed that he suffered from ethylene glycol poisoning. Until now, the doctor is still under recovery and the hospital cannot confirm how soon he can return to work nor will his kidneys still be restored to its normal state.

Meanwhile, Dr Gonzalez-Angulo bailed out by paying $50,000 and went on a paid administrative leave. Her whereabouts were unknown but she has lawyers handling her case where she pled not guilty.

So where did she get the poisonous substance? Investigators found out that it is a common solvent present in all laboratories within M.D Anderson allowing her easy access.

Since the doctor is out of reach at the moment, no one has an idea yet what made the 42-year old doctor decide to poison him.