Scientists created prototype running shoes that contain a device that can improve training management and prevent injuries.

The groundbreaking device boasts a microelectronic measuring system that can assess the runner's technique and transmit it to their mobile devices, Asociación RUVID reported.

The program can provide real-time feedback and make suggestions on how to improve technique and avoid injury. The app also offers services seen in many common apps, such as heart rate monitors and GPS locators.

The users can also transfer the information to a web portal, which will generate personalized training plans that will work to further enhance performance and prevent injuries. Some of these bonus features will include "recommendations on warming-up and cooling down, tips on how to improve the running technique and nutrition guidelines." The super-smart shoes will also have 2.0 capabilities that will allow runners to communicate with each other.

The device will be the first to "[characterize] the running technique from biomechanical variables and, together with information from the pulsometer, detect fatigue and give real-time recommendations," Asociación RUVID reported.

Running injuries are extremely common; 38 percent of European runners suffer or have suffered these types of injuries and between 37 and 56 percent of runners become injured at least once every year. Running has become one of the most popular sports, and it is important to help the millions of runners protect themselves from injury.

The prototype was created by the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV) and the Spanish shoe company KELME. RUNSAFER Project was funded by the Research for SMEs Call of the VII Framework Programme of the European Commission. The consortium also included the technology centres IPMS-Fraunhofer (GE) and EII (EST), as well as the firms NUROMEDIA (GE) and DUKOSI (UK).