Artie Lange has made a remarkable comeback since his suicide attempt in 2010. His recovery and a stay at a mental hospital helped influence his stand-up act for his new Comedy Central special.

"Artie Lange: The Stench of Failure" will premiere on the cable network at midnight on Saturday, Oct. 18. The comedian filmed the special in front of a packed crowd at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center's Victoria Theater in Newark, New Jersey.

Lange comments on all his past perils such as his addiction problems, his stints in rehab, and a stay at a psychiatric ward. He no longer drinks, smokes, gambles or "has sex with hookers," as he told Jimmy Fallon in August.

The comedian returned to stand-up full time after DirecTV cancelled his radio and video podcast "The Artie Lange Show." Lange co-hosted the show with Nick Di Paolo as "The Nick & Artie Show" up until 2011 and was a regular on "The Howard Stern Show" for eight years before that.

Comedy Central made an uncensored version of "The Stench of Failure" to fans via its digital service CC: Stand-Up Direct on Oct. 13. The Comedy Central App will make it available on Oct. 19 and the uncensored version will be available two days later on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Xbox Video, Sony Entertainment Network and Vudu.