Jessica Alba is feeling more confident than ever, but that wasn't always the case.

The 33-year-old "Sin City" actress told Marie Claire Magazine, that she had a freak-out moment when she turned 30. She said reaching a new decade was ''harder'' than she expected, especially since she was pregnant with her second child at the time.

"I was pretty p***** off, "she explained of the milestone. "I don't know why it was so hard, it just was. I was pregnant [with Haven] first of all, and I really wanted to party like a rock star. I didn't even know I cared about my twenties until I turned 30."

Alba, who has two daughters - six-year-old Honor and two-year-old Haven - with husband Cash Warren, said she believes she has grown more attractive with age. 

She told the publication, "I feel like I look better now. I think I came into my own physically in my thirties, even when I'd had kids. I'm actually smaller now because everything kind of hangs off differently. But I feel more like a woman, with not such a girl face. I had such chubby cheeks."

Alba began her acting career as a teenager with a role in the Nickelodeon sci-fi series "The Secret World of Alex Mack." She later starred in the James Cameron's sci-fi series "Dark Angel."

Over the years, the actress has chosen more entertaining roles, including two "Fantastic Four" movies and currently starring in "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" - where she shows off major skin.  

"I don't know if I was ever typecast, I just made very safe, boring choices as an actor and I take full responsibility for that," she told Marie Claire UK. "It wasn't the was probably the way I translated them. I was afraid to be fearless and bold. I was young, I was afraid of being criticized, and I wanted to appease everyone."

The "Honey" actress said her "new-found kind of confidence" comes from having a personal life and never taking for granted the things she holds close, including family and the "friendships that I can't live without as well."

Alba recently told E! News that she still isn't use to doing sexy spreads or playing raunchy film roles, but the actress added that she has grown more comfortable in her skin, especially after earning the top spot on Maxim Magazine's Hot 100.

"I just have an ownership of my body and of myself as a woman that I didn't really have before," she told E! News. "I was such a tomboy, and I would always kinda like try and do role-playing to try and do these sexy things, but now I'm very much woman. I know who I am, I'm confident in my sexuality and now it's not so much of a departure from myself when I have to do photo shoots or play a character."