eBay released stats on employee diversity Thursday that show it is making progress in hiring more women.

The stats show that women make up 42 percent of its global workforce, which is more than most tech giants, according to CNET. Women make up 40 percent of employees in Pinterest, 31 percent in Facebook, 30 percent in Google, 30 percent in Twitter.

The e-commerce company has spent the past three years trying to bring more women into its workforce. Recently published diversity figures show that, not only does eBay have more female employees than other tech companies, but more women hold leadership positions, as well. 28 percent of eBay's leadership is made up of women, while female leadership in other companies varies around 20 percent.

"While we are committed to fostering all types of diversity, increasing the number of women in leadership roles has been an early focus," eBay wrote in a blog post. "We have more than double the number of women in leadership roles and increased the share of leadership positions held by women."

The release of demographic reports from these tech companies comes after calls for more discussions for more diversity, SFGate reported. The data released showed workforces that are made up mostly of men and often white and Asian descent, making the debate more intense.

eBay currently has over 33,000 employees around the world, and most of its workforce in the U.S. consists of white people and Asians.

61 percent of the company's workforce is white, while 24 percent is Asian, 7 percent is black, and 5 percent is Hispanic. 2 percent of its leadership positions are made up of black people, and Hispanics make up another 2 percent of leadership roles, CNET reported.

eBay said it will keep publishing its workforce diversity each year.

"We hope such transparency by eBay and other companies in our industry will help foster constructive debate, partnership, and progress," the company wrote. "As our data shows, we have made progress in some areas. But we still have much work to do."