A 25-year-old Australian woman has admitted to undergoing plastic surgery so she can look like Jessica Rabbit, the cartoon character from the 1988 movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit."

Penny Brown, who has a 26-inch waist, always had a naturally curvy figure. But the military wife is on a mission to morph her body to look like the ultra-curvaceous, red-headed cartoon, the Irish Mirror reported.

In the last two years alone she enlarged her breasts twice and reduced the size of her waist by wearing a corset that was so tight she could barely eat - and she is showing no signs of slowing down.

"I've been obsessed with Jessica Rabbit from a really early age," Brown, a pin-up model who lives in Japan, told the newspaper.

Jessica Rabbit is known for her legendary, hourglass figure that numerous characters, human and cartoon, pine over in the movie.

"Jessica Rabbit's figure is sensual, strong and extreme and it's a pleasure to replicate that in real life," Brown told the newspaper.

In 2012, Brown got breast implants that increased her bra size from 34H to 36J. But her breasts were not large enough, so she got another boob job and went up five cup sizes. She now has a 55-inch bust.

The journey to shrink her waist was a bit more difficult.

"It was tough at first," she told the Irish Mirror. "The corset is not a magical tool that will make your waist tiny in a few months."

She wore the lung-squeezing corset for 23 hours a day, only taking it off to shower and sleeping with it at night. She was forced to eat small meals, sometimes only smoothies, because the corset restricted her stomach. After four months, she lost 15 inches off her waist. Two years later and her waist is now 26 inches.

"I love my body and my shape but I'd still like to have more extreme proportions," Brown said.

As far as Brown's husband is concerned, he is happy with the work she has done already.

"Her shape is exciting and interesting. I don't like the ordinary or the generic," he said.