Omsignal recently announced the release of its Biometric Smartwear Shirt, which measures the wearer's activity, fitness levels and physiological stress.

The shirt displays the results in real-time on the user's smartphone, according to PC Magazine.

A "bio-signal" is translated by the iOS companion app to let wearers know when they reached their peak heart rate, or if they need to breathe more deeply. Workouts can also be measured against each other to help achieve fitness goals.

"We've been wearing clothes all our lives. It's the most natural and therefore the ultimate 'wearable' medium," said Stephane Marceau, CEO of OMsignal. "Clothing has always been about protection and fashion, but it will now also help motivate us to better ourselves every day."

Marceau added that the shirts were tested by the world's best athletes, Venturebeat reported.

We spent time training with Olympians wearing our shirts," he said. "They're on our fitness advisory board, and they kick our ass as the gym."

The Montreal-based company is releasing four shirts (a sleeveless shirt, an undershirt, a long-sleeved shirt, and a casual shirt), all of which can be worn either at the gym, alone, or under normal clothing.

The shirts also come with what the company calls "the little black box," which users clip to their shirts and connect to their phone to track vital signs and body biometrics. The mobile app also shows how much energy the user has left while exercising, and offers suggestions on managing and improving health, PC Magazine reported.

"You could never bring hospital or lab-type equipment with you on the court or track. OMsignal now makes it easy to track biometrics in real time, in real life and during sports activity," Marceau said. "At OMsignal we've focused on giving consumers quality insights on performance, taking the research a step further to guide users to their peak performance."

The shirts can be pre-ordered for $199 for one shirt and "the little black box". Depending on the style, additional shirts cost $100 to $140. Global shipping of the shirts will begin this summer, and women shirts will be available by the end of the year.