Analysts say Joe Biden single-handedly sank America's prestige and power, losing to Donald Trump in 2024, and the midterms cause Brussels to fret about the change to come.

Politicians in the EU and Washington fear that a win by the former US President might be worse than the current US leader.

The term of the 45th president of the US stuck to America first and led the US successfully, except for the pandemic breakout in March 2020, which caused problems for him.

EU-US deteriorating relationship

The EU is fretting relations with the US is in danger as Washington is supposed to be sidelining its allies in Europe. The status quo of the Trump years is not acceptable, reported the Express UK.

Failure of the current US leader to mend changes allegedly wrought by the Trump administration one elected into office has been a pure disappointment. Biden did not deliver the goods and did not unify the blocs.

Tensions brought about by the White that frustrated the EU to no end where the Fall of Afghanistan, AUKUS nuclear sub deal, and the rise of Moscow and Beijing as potent forces, even exceeding the US in key areas and technologies.

Most European experts see no silver lining to Trump as the victor in 2024. The differences in their leadership are vast, like not allegedly dozing off at summits and effective leadership. Although a return to Trump-type relations is not looked at with favor, cited the Swift Headline.

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Biden's missteps that have doomed most Democrats when the midterm elections are close are not helping.

A visiting fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States spoke to Bruce Stokes, former ambassador to NATO, said the fails of Washington led to the idea. It will never go back to 2016, noted the Daily Star Post.

An anonymous Polish foreign policy expert remarked that Washington has only the EU to turn to, adding that any misunderstanding with the European bloc will not make alliances easy, which will be problematic for the US.

Focus pivots to Asia

An ex-US ambassador to NATO stated the same worries of the bloc, saying the AUKUS deal showed to Europe that the pivot to deal with China outweighs the bloc and places no value on the relationship shared between the two.

According to an analyst in Berlin who said the US refocusing on Asia is causing bitterness in EU allies as the move to Asia is happening. If interest in the affairs of Europe wane, it might be an end to the alliance.

Bloc members are anxious that Biden's pathetic poll numbers will increase dissent to his administration if the Democrats lose in 2022.

On one note, President Biden blames everyone but himself for all the wrong decisions and does not take positive measures to correct them, noted his critics. But the damage is done with polls saying they want him gone, even his party.

Given the discrepancy of the handling by Joe Biden, maybe Brussels will be better off taking their chances with another Trump administration. China and Russia do not precisely consider anything substantial from Washington.

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