Kim Jong Un and his wife have not been seen together in public for quite a while, sparking questions about why she is not present have led to many speculations.

Ri Sol-Ju, Kim's wife, was formerly a competitive cheerleader and entertainer before getting married to Pyongyang's leader.

The life of the North Korean leader is mysterious, and Ri is one of those facets that show he's more than sentencing people to death with a 50-caliber cannon.

North Korea's First Lady

According to the reports of CNN, Kim's spouse history as a cheerleader was documented when she was a part of North Korea's official cheerleading squad in 2005 during the Asian Athletics Championships.

Ri had other stints, like when she was included in the North Korean Olympic cheerleading team. It was during her early twenties then as an active participant in these activities.

The North Korean despot's wife is assumed to be just in her thirties, but no information confirms if it's the early, middle, or late thirties, cited the Daily Star.

She is believed to have three children with the supreme leader but no information documents the kid's ages. From cheerleading for the state, she was a singer and entertainer before marrying one of the most influential leaders in the world, noted Sleek Gist.

Kim has just celebrated his 38th birthday recently, and it is a decade since Kim Jong-un took power after the death of his predecessor, which was celebrated in North Korea.

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Ri went to China to study singing there and later became part of the Unhasu Orchestra, a well-known orchestral group specializing in traditional Korean songs.

One of the rumors about how the singer and the supreme leader met was when she was part of a concert performance. Despite this interesting meeting between the two is only a rumor, the Sun UK reported this was something hidden by NoKor officials.

No mention of her former singing career is allowed to be known, and the government confiscates CDs with her performances.

Origins of Ri Sol-Ju

Ri, the singer, and former cheerleader hails from the province of Chongjin in North Hamgyong province in North Korea. Coming from the upper class of society, her parents are a professor father, and her mother is a gynecologist.

The North Korean first lady has not always appeared with her husband in public as other couples.

Ri officially married the North Korean leader in 2009, right after the present North Korean's father 'Kim Jong-ill, passed away from a heart attack. Her first public appearance with her partner as the official First Lady of Pyongyang in 2012 caused a media sensation.

She wowed the public wearing western-style clothing and even how she looked in the engagement.

Her outfit featured peep toe shoes, and her accessory is an expensive Dior bag. She wore a short haircut, not a traditional one. It made her an instant hit with young women in North Korea. They were both seen arm in arm, which is frowned upon in their traditional society. 

Kim's wife has not been seen since 2020, and no picture of her since then, igniting why the no-show is all speculation. Could it be she's been killed, sickened, with child, or disfavor with her hubby; no one really can tell.

Whereabouts of Ri is now and absent from public appearances with Kim Jong-un, which begs questions. Till she's seen, the wait is killer.

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