European Union infighting is taking its toll on member states as Putin and Xi are moving pieces on the board to get the best leverage. When Washington needs to give the right leadership, talking to Moscow excluding Brussels from talks has caused problems. China, on the move in the east and west, has discombobulated Europe as well, both Moscow and Beijing are more potent than ever.

Putin, Xi pose a threat to West

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping are turning up the heat on the Western alliance, causing discord and tension within itself.

Ian Shields, a University of Cambridge expert in international relations, made it clear that these leaders are on top of their game. They will see the chinks in NATO then push hard to a breaking point in the west, reported the Express UK.

The bloc's obsession with EU unity has distracted it by the aggression and coercion of these aligned nations. Shields, a former RAF navigator, remarked the group is too involved in internal disputes and total unity. Added there are more immediate challenges like the threat of China and Russia, cited Techno Charger.

Two powerful nations led by two of the most potent heads of state intend to test Western nations and challenge their dominance in the world at large.

How the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will act on the threat of an invasion of Ukraine will be one of interest and challenge for the west due to European Union infighting as it faces Putin and Xi.

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Shields cited a divided America or the 'Disunited States of America,' with internal problems of Russia, which is why the Kremlin wants a USSR-style arrangement, even China is managing even with issues as well.

An objective of the bloc should be a more harmonious union and more responsive leadership, as with NATO, noted Ajansev.

The US administration is failing to provide the leadership it had before; even reports point to an inefficient president; it's allowing adversaries to be better.

European Union's internal issues

Problems are causing the bloc to fight amongst themselves, internal quarrels, new German leadership, Emmanuel Macron's tribulations in France; he may avoid running these elections to avoid losing. Bloc members are in the worst way more than ever.

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said that Russian aggression on Ukraine is not justified. In January, she went to Kyiv and warned the Kremlin that invasion would be a wrong move and a strategic mistake with no zero cost. Including a call for sanctions to affect Moscow.

Truss spoke in the House of Commons and stated that London would support Kyiv all the way. Join allies to promote freedom in the East of Europe and worldwide.

Condemning what the Kremlins are doing to co-opt democratic states by propaganda and disinformation. Called the supposed threat of Ukraine and NATO provocations as not valid. Accused Russia as aggressive with troops on the border and annexed Crime unlawfully.

Shields said Putin and Xi are sharp and know European Union infighting is a weakness that the influential leaders have seen.

The cost of European Union infighting is that Putin and Xi are savvy leaders who can maneuver and take advantage. The foreign relations expert added that the non-performance of the US is a significant factor too.

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