The Chinese Navy realizes that having a large surface fleet is optimal, but a better trimaran frigate similar to the US Littoral Combat Ship might have advantages. The development of a smaller fighting ship derived from the US LCS might have benefits.

Peoples Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) needs the blue water component to compete against the US Navy. But strategically, the PLAN accepts that a large navy with a mix of ships, especially with the US intent on spreading its forces, is something to consider.

Chinese smaller agile warships for coastal operations

Chinese naval planners do not forget the littoral operation to consider adding ships to its massive maritime force. Going for more ships with stealth and flexibility for coastal operation is essential, reported the Nationalist Interest.

Attention is being given to big ships in the PLAN like the new Type 55 cruiser that might get rail gun technology on coming next-to-ship class. But the date may come later though not now.

The Chinese Naval forces and the first PLA Navy battle group set out for the Indian Ocean, or the Atlantic may soon become. Except such an exercise is for the show, according to naval planners, it's not as important as getting other capabilities, according to Navy Recognition.

China gains advantage with Trimaran frigates

It is not easy to cover a large area of the western Pacific. For China to get more ships, there will be a significant factor, and more vessels will add up to impressive firepower.

That makes the argument that a vast number of smaller Chinese Navy Trimaran frigates have an advantage over larger ships like a symbolic aircraft carrier.

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One more concern is that big ships will be costly losses to any force, cited 19FortyFive. Submarines can lurk in the depths waiting for long periods until a ship like an aircraft carrier comes along. For the most part, there will be support ships like anti-submarine warfare units, but big ships are juicy targets.

The PLAN realized that based on the operations of the US Navy based on a concept of a mobile force of smaller ships could be the next best option in the next naval conflict.

One of the worst collaterals in the mathematic of loss is losing large ships in the force, which quickly brings down fighting strength. Loss of a frigate is significant but losing a destroyer or a cruise as a support vessel can affect a battle significantly. China's strategic planning is one up against the US, which has larger ships, like the PLAN's Type 056 corvette and the Type 054 frigate, which have fared better than the USN Littoral Combat Ship (LCS).

China is choosing the LCS because it has possibilities with a smaller size, but it will be heavily armed for the PLAN.

The Trimaran frigate will be designed over the mistakes of the US littoral ship. One correction is adding the main gun, with a 32-vertical launcher system (VLS), quad launchers for ship killer cruise missiles, and dual last defense autocannons and chaff dispensers to redirect heat seekers. Add the other systems like sonar and towed arrays; all these add-ons will make the Chinese Navy Trimaran frigate a big plus for offense and defense.

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