Attorney General Josh Shapiro just announced that he will be running for governor of Pennsylvania in 2022. However, his decision could pose some repercussions to the 2024 presidential election.

According to CNN, Shapiro is a Democratic candidate who will most likely not adhere to Donald Trump's requests if the latter decides to run for president in the 2024 election.

However, Shapiro's win in the swing state is not guaranteed. After all, he will be competing against Republic nominee, former Rep. Lou Barletta.

Barletta was one of Trump's earliest supporters in Congress. And the ex-POTUS was also the one that encouraged Barletta to run for senator in 2018.

Even though Barletta didn't win at the time, it's evident that he has close ties with Trump.

The fate of Pennsylvania in 2024 lies in their new gov.

An analysis by the publication's editor-at-large, Chris Cillizza, said that the future of Pennsylvania in 2024 will depend entirely on which governor will win next year.

Pennsylvania has been one of the most contested states in America over the last two elections. In 2016, Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the state by fewer than 45,000 votes.

Last year, Joe Biden beat out Trump by just over 80,000 votes.

So, Cillizza is predicting that if Barletta wins as governor of Pennsylvania next year, he could do Trump's bidding regarding the alleged election fraud, among many other things.

On the contrary, if Shapiro wins, he won't likely do Trump's dirty work.

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Joe Shapiro announces his 2022 gubernatorial run

In his statement, Shapiro said that he would continue to stand up to the attacks on democracy.

Shapiro also vowed to strengthen voter intimidation laws, improve the mail-in ballot process, and make sure that every voter's voice will be heard.

"I have shown up, I've listened and I surely have learned. As Pennsylvania's attorney general, the powerful have been put on notice and the people have been heard. I've fought for those who have been wronged, citizens who've been left out and communities that have been forgotten. I've stood up for them, brought people together and I've got things done," Shapiro said via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Lou Barletta hopes to get Donald Trump's endorsement

Barletta announced his gubernatorial bid in May via a lengthy video on Twitter.

He began his announcement by saying that the Pennsylvania that the residents grew up in is slipping away. Due to the pandemic, the way of life of Pennsylvanians has changed.

According to Barletta, the problems brought about by the pandemic became much worse because of the politicians that are currently in position.

More specifically, Barletta name-dropped Gov. Tom Wolf and the Harrisburg insiders as the main reason why Pennsylvania is becoming much worse.

Barletta said that he decided to run for governor so that Pennsylvanians could take back their commonwealth.

At the time of his announcement, the Associated Press claimed that Barletta is the most prominent figure to launch a gubernatorial bid in Pennsylvania.

While speaking with the publication earlier this year, Barletta said that he would work to earn Trump's endorsement in next year's race.

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