Former United States President Donald Trump recently criticized George W. Bush after the latter's comments during his 9/11 20th anniversary speech where the 43rd U.S. president compared the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill rioters to international terrorists.

The Republican official said that Bush should not be "lecturing anybody" because he was allegedly responsible for getting the United States into a deteriorated relationship with the Middle East. Trump said Bush was responsible for the death of millions of people despite spending trillions of dollars.

Trump's Criticism of Bush

Trump alleged that during Bush's presidency, the World Trade Center came down. The Republican businessman also argued that the 43rd president of the United States led a "failed and uninspiring presidency."

During his speech at the anniversary event on Saturday in Shanksville, Pa., which was the site of the crash of Flight 93, he said the U.S. nation lacked unity. Bush also compared the responsible terrorists to the recent proprietors of the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot who stormed the building and attacked lawmakers, the New York Post reported.

"We have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come not only across borders but from violence that gathers within. There is little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home," Bush said during his address.

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On Monday, Sen. Richard J. Durbin urged lawmakers to confront domestic terrorism that seemed to be growing in the country. In his remarks, the official said that the Capitol Hill incident was just as heartbreaking as the 9/11 event. He noted that the greatest threat to the United States was not foreign terrorism but domestic terrorism. Durbin said in all his efforts, Al-Qaeda did not succeed in breaching the Capitol, but homegrown American terrorists did nine months ago, the Washington Post reported.

Denouncing Trump's Presidential Efforts

During Bush's speech, he also appeared to have indirectly criticized Trump's presidency and his effects on the American nation. The 43rd president said that so much of the country's politics have become an appeal to anger, fear, and resentment. Bush expressed his concern about the safety of the nation and its people.

While Bush did not necessarily name Trump during his address, many knew exactly who he was talking about when he made his statements. Many critics have said that since Trump's candidacy in the summer of 2015, he has spent the majority of his time trying to weaponize what divides the American people.

Those who oppose Trump said that the Republican businessman understood there was and still is power in lighting the flames of resentment and anger. His direct audience were White residents who barely clung to their dreams of being the middle class while expressing his views that he was one of them, that it wasn't their fault, and that the "elites" were responsible for the problems in the country.

During his 2016 campaign, Trump told his supporters that elites were out to get the average resident. In 2018, he addressed the "elite" people, saying he, and the average American, had more capabilities than them, CNN reported.

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