Top Obama adviser Brett Bruen alleges that Joe Biden is not keen on affairs with American ally Great Britain. When Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to call the US president and later asked for concessions due to the special relationship, it disappointed the British.

Bruen served as the Director of Global Engagement under Barrack Obama, later considering Biden's ignoring the Brit PM on two occasions as critical.

The UK has backed up the US on many occasions now. However, it has been seven months that there has been no Ambassador for the Court of St. James since the appointment of Biden.

Biden's actions impacted the Afghan situation

The former adviser cited how the president did not consult other world leaders when everything was spiraling due to bad decisions. It got worse when Biden snubbed the British PM for thirty-six hours during the crisis, cited the New York Post.

There have been allegations that Biden wanted the role to go to Barrack Obama, but the UK did not like it, though Britain denies it.

As a US/UK businessman privy to the two countries, Bruen says that the special relationship claimed is nonexistent. Although the relations have been affected by the US president who took allies from a unified decision, to only his decision with alleged inconsistent guidance, reported the UK Express.

It gets worse as no ambassador has not been appointed, which will be another low point caused by inaction.

US administration is discounting allies

Former adviser Bruen calls the new foreign policy by Joe Biden as 'ignoring everyone else,' which is negative for the United States. He added that the proclaimed foreign policy expert allegedly performs adverse action that does not push a favorable foreign policy, noted the Girl Sun.

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The relationship with the UK has been allegedly ignored and not utilized to push mutually beneficial outcomes, which is getting maligned instead.

As the expert in foreign policy, Biden says the opposite instead with the post-Brexit UK and his administration, the opposite result of his alleged claims. Both the US and UK are further apart from being united. The current president is has made it challenging to deal with other allies who feel slighted by the US in Afghanistan. But the White House is spinning it by saying no one has criticized the chaos from pullout to the deadline, and now Taliban ruled Afghanistan.

British politicians expressed concern 

Many Conservative Members of Parliament are not pleased with how the US handled the withdrawal.

Other critics are Liam Fox, the former Defense Secretary and International Trade Secretary, responsible for liaising the Atlantic Bridge for better relations with the US, is greatly bothered by events. He encouraged Joe Biden to move decisively on the worsening perception of the US in international relations. He should decide to place an Ambassador to the UK sooner or face more fallout.

One more MP from Romford, Andrew Rosindell, a member of foreign relations, said that Biden made a disastrous decision that has cost the West, Brit-US relations have been allegedly torn. He asserts that former president Trump would do better.

Another former member of Foreign affairs, Daniel Kawczynski, remarked if the UK-US falls it will be disastrous for global security. Plus, an important trade deal has been affected by the decisions of Joe Biden.

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