Amid uncertainties of another round of stimulus checks to support Americans get through the coronavirus pandemic, many residents are demanding relief as some lawmakers believe any future payments should be automatic and based on the country's economic state.

Politicians are urging United States President Joe Biden to create new "stimmies" that would be sent out automatically if certain conditions are met. Millions of Americans are supporting the proposal and some officials argue that a vote should not be required for future relief payments.

Automatic Stimulus Checks

Many argue that the move, if it is supported and passed, would give struggling Americans a better chance to afford food and necessities, including housing costs and other basic bills, and pay off debt. While a fourth stimulus check is still unlikely, households have several options to get much-needed financial assistance.

Many Democratic lawmakers are pushing for new relief payments that would become "automatic stabilizers" and distribute financial assistance. The program aims to deliver quick and efficient support for the economy and residents without Congress having to step in and approve the bill, Yahoo Finance reported.

Lawmakers who support the idea argue that additional direct aid can help keep many Americans from poverty and off the streets. The money will give households some certainty that help is coming whenever signs of a troubled economy pop up.

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"Families and workers shouldn't have to worry about whether they'll have enough money to pay for essentials in the months ahead as the country continues to fight a global pandemic and recession," seven Democratic lawmakers said in a letter addressed to President Biden.

The situation comes as many families and workers are struggling to pay for necessities due to a lack of financial support from the federal government. Many relief packages have ended and the child tax credit payments are not enough to keep households afloat during the health crisis, CBS Local reported.

California's Golden State Stimulus Payments

The advance payments will give families up to $3,600 for each dependent younger than six years and up to $3,000 for each child six years and older. Despite the assistance, many residents have yet to feel any recovery at all from the economy. Unemployment rates across the United States still dwarf pre-pandemic levels amid a surge in job opportunities.

In California, residents are eligible to receive the Golden State Stimulus, which is the state's own version of the relief packages. About two million more stimulus payments will be sent out next week, as revealed by the California Franchise Tax Board on Thursday.

The first batch of Golden State Stimulus was distributed on Aug. 27, where about 600,000 payments were given away for a total of roughly $354 million. Qualified residents received their payments through direct deposit into their bank accounts.

The next round of Golden State Stimulus checks will be distributed to even more individuals and are scheduled to be given out on Sept. 17. California officials expect to send out stimulus checks every 14 days, with some payments going out earlier while some may be delayed about two weeks, KTLA5 reported.

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