China says it won't fire its nuclear arms when NATO Secretary, General Jens Stoltenberg, questioned it over the lack of transparency. Concern over its military might and how far its nuclear arsenal is progressing has NATO concerned, but Beijing shot back.

General Jens Stoltenberg expressed concerns last Monday that the Chinese nuclear stockpile is increasing and has no limitations with a lack of transparency. Nuclear capable countries are engaged in treaties to keep a cap on their nuclear arsenal like the Salt treaty.

China intends not to use nuclear weapons first

Statements said that the comments of the NATO chief were attributed to the comments noted by Washington. Accusing China that intends to keep its transparency concerns the state of its total number of arsenals, reported the Express UK.

One of the declarations of China is the only nuclear-capable nation that has sworn to no first use of nuclear weapons. To the US and NATO, This oath is one layer of security that it has against the CCP.

After the comment from NATO, the English-Language Chinese newspaper issued a response that no transparency issue is irrelevant. Citing that even if CCP's stockpile is not announced, it is not needed to be. Retorting the US warhead are far more in number, noted the Global Times.

Beijing made sure that if a shooting war happens with the US, China says it won't fire its nuclear arms in most circumstances. Next, it was posed what assurance the Chinese leadership has that the United States will do the first strike.

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They made the question about the perception if launching a nuke attack will be an option if the US forces losses are significant in a non-nuclear conflict. China asked Stoltenberg to swear that NATO and the US will not use nukes under any circumstance at any time, said officials. Stating that restraint will be practiced at all times even if the People's Liberation Army(PLA) is winning, noted News Chant.

The concession comes after the NATO official made the statement, adding that if Allies cannot stop the US from using nukes, how can any fault China for not revealing everything, citing that fact. According to the news source, Beijing has kept its self-restraint and holds the least number of nuclear warheads.

Convention military expansion

The PLA has strived to improve its military technology to keep it on the same level as the US and be less under American pressure. The US has begun showing more military activity in the Indo-Pacific, which allies like the UK and NATO have not taken up.

All this military pushback by western powers headed by the US is getting more focused on Chinese forces very evidently. Everything done in the South China Sea is similar to starting a new Cold War to keep China in check, like with the USSR. Now, China is forced to be on a defensive mode to prepare for a code red scenario.

Whatever happens, Beijing stresses it will need more nuclear deterrence from the US and Allies. China says it won't fire its nuclear arms as a promise but will keep other options, as it does not fully trust if the US will use the same restraint.

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