A Minnesota woman reportedly decapitated by her lover in broad daylight had sent a heartbreaking letter to a judge pleading for her right to see him. According to a shocking video that surfaced online this week, America Mafalda Thayer, 55, was pulled from her car and thrown in the street in Shakopee, Minneapolis.

The defendant confessed to authorities that he beheaded his girlfriend because she tried to break up with him while going with him to a court appearance in a previous case-a criminal complaint filed Friday in the suspected beheading murder of a Minnesota woman.

Suspect beheaded girlfriend

According to police and prosecutors, Alexis Saborit, 42, chopped America Mafalda Thayer's head off with a knife and fled. The incident occurred about 2.30 p.m. on Wednesday and was videotaped by at least one witness, METRO reported.

A charging document obtained by Law & Crime says one of the witnesses saw a guy toss a decapitated body out of a car at the intersection. The complaint states officers arrived to find a female, naked from the waist up, lying with her feet near the curb and her shoulders near an open automobile door, naked from the waist up.

Officers searching for evidence discovered an empty black sheath for a machete-style knife in a grassy area a few feet distant from the crime site. Thayer allegedly tried to dump Saborit as he was on his way to court for a prior legal problem that was not addressed in the complaint.

Saborit accused Thayer of abusing him although Thayer had a history of abuse. The couple is both Shakopee residents who were known to law enforcement.

The suspect was arrested and was charged with second-degree murder in Scott County, Minnesota, on Friday. In the state, it carries a maximum sentence of 40 years in jail.

According to the first witness, he was traveling westbound on 4th Avenue when he came to a halt at the junction of Spencer Street. Witness 1 observed a dark-colored car coming southward come to a halt.

The individual observed the car's driver swinging an object in the air and bringing it down repeatedly on the passenger side. The item was black and resembled a police baton. Witness 1 proceeded to 4th Avenue and returned southbound on Spencer Street, where he discovered a body.

She was going southbound on Spencer Street, according to another witness. She noticed a vehicle several vehicles ahead of her that she assumed was having mechanical problems.

Another car in front of her did a U-turn after driving around the stopped vehicle. The driver of the stopped vehicle could then be seen standing on the car's passenger side, making a slamming gesture.

The driver dumped an unknown object into a yard before dragging something that seemed to be a body out of the automobile. Witness 2 later recognized the object as a human head with blonde hair that the driver had seized. The witness noticed blood on the victim's head. The driver then walked eastbound along the alley, according to the second witness.

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Beheaded Minnesota woman's letter to her boyfriend

"My name is America M Thayer," Thayer wrote in a sad handwritten letter to Carver County district court almost four years before she was murdered. She said that she has never had an issue with Alexis Saborit and that he has never mistreated her, as per The Sun's obtained letter.

The Minnesota woman said that the only issue they had was a little argument as she pleaded for contact with him. Thayer indicated that she is willing to receive the recommended treatment and that the no-contact order should be lifted.

Saborit was allowed permission to see his girlfriend in person and talk with her after the petition was approved. Officers arrived at Saborit and Thayer's shared house when she phoned for assistance, and they arrested them.

According to court documents, he was apprehended while crouching over Thayer and holding her to the ground. The altercation started when they were drinking at a pub, and Saborit "felt she was chatting to another man," the Minnesota woman told authorities.

When they arrived home and attempted to talk with authorities, Saborit shoved her to the ground, causing her to fall and scratch her elbow. He then pinned her to the ground and attempted to cover her mouth to prevent her from speaking with officers.

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