If you have trouble going to the dentist amid the coronavirus pandemic, it could mean that your teeth are suffering the most. But professional help is not always necessary in making sure that your smile shines a radiant glow. There are also at-home teeth whitening kits that can do the job just as well.

Whitening your teeth at home can sometimes be a challenge to do properly. You want to have that professional-looking care without the hassle of complicated processes. Figuring out the best teeth whitening product for you is a relatively simple task.

Identifying Different Kinds

When looking for a teeth whitening product, you should make sure you know the differences between professional teeth whitening kits and over-the-counter whitening strips. While the former provides a much deeper clean to your teeth, the latter is easier to use.

Professional kits also mimic an actual professional's procedure by commonly using two trays designed to mold and fit over your teeth. These products usually come with professional-strength bleaching gel that will remove stains from your teeth.

Over-the-counter whitening strips are relatively easy to use and remove the hassle of trying to figure out what goes where. Different products will have varying strength and number of strips but will commonly have enough to cover both the upper and lower teeth.

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You should take into consideration your teeth's current condition, your oral health history, and teeth whitening priorities. One thing to always check is the strength of the whitening product, which mostly contains hydrogen peroxide as an ingredient. Higher content of this chemical means faster and more effective whitening but also increases the risk of tooth sensitivity.

Various products also recommend different application times that could vary from a few minutes to a few hours per day. Knowing which kits cater to your available time is crucial to an effective process. You should also know how long you can commit to routinely applying a product on your teeth, as some kits require weeks of daily application to be effective. One of the most effective and simple to use teeth whitening products is Luelli's Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Accelerator Lights.

Luelli's Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Accelerator Lights

Luelli Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Accelerator Lights
(Photo : Luelli)
Luelli Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Accelerator Lights comes with whitening gel and syringes.

With Luelli's full package kit, you can perform teeth whitening treatment from the comfort of your own home. This product comes with 35% carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel and blue LED accelerator light that will give you instant results. The items are also relatively easy and safe to use.

The gel can be applied using a syringe that comes with the kit and shows instant results after the first use. The pack has five Blue LED-activated whitening technology that speeds up the process and comes with a 10-minute auto timer. Each kit has enough gel for nine uses of both the upper and lower teeth.

The package comes with one LED light, one Whitening Bite Tray, three 3ml Whitening Gel Syringes, one Desensitizing Gel Syringes, one Whitening Shade Guide, one User Manual.

Although designed to prevent tooth sensitivity, some users may experience the phenomena and can use the desensitizing gel to alleviate the pain. Some customers also reported feeling a bit sore with their gums after applying the whitening kit but were quickly alleviated after the process.

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