Republican Senator Ted Cruz on Sunday accused President Joe Biden of being "in bed with Big Tech." He contended White House press secretary Jen Psaki's remarks the previous week have bolstered former President Donald Trump's suit accusing Twitter and Facebook of censorship. According to Cruz, he wonders if Psaki is on the payroll of the former president because her press conference boosted Trump's lawsuit against the social media giants.

Cruz accused the current administration of contravening the First Amendment in its efforts for Big Tech towards combatting false allegations regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine. He is joined by other conservatives who have seized on the federal government's efforts against COVID-19 vaccine misinformation. Cruz regarded the efforts of the Biden administration for a clampdown on vaccine misinformation as an apparent indicator of walking all over the Constitution and pounding on free speech.

Biden's Crackdown on Facebook

According to US officials, the president's attack on Facebook Inc. on Friday was an aftermath of months of inundating private vexation inside the Biden administration over the social media platform's overseeing of vaccine misinformation. This brings into public view traction that could bar efforts to stop the prevalence of the novel coronavirus.

Cruz remarked, "It makes clear that everything we thought about the Biden administration -- about their willingness to trample on free speech, to trample on the Constitution, to use government power to silence you, everything we feared they might do, they are doing and worse. And I think that President Trump's lawsuit got much, much stronger this week," reported Fox News.

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The effort on coronavirus misinformation started with a word of caution from United States Surgeon General Vivek Murthy that bogus information regarding the virus is an immediate warning to public health.

According to the Republican, the efforts to bolster vaccine uptake, flagging of troublesome posts, and increased public pressure on social media sites amount to proof of government censorship. He added the government is using the social media giants as a instrument, reported Forbes.

Facebook release a blunt statement blaming the Biden administration of contorting the information. Murthy said social media giants were exerting sufficient effort as a crackdown against on false statements regarding coronavirus vaccines, reported The Wall Street Journal.

Murhy's office released a new report labeled "Confronting Health Misinformation." It has advisories for social media companies to implement clear repercussions for accounts that contravene platform protocols for multiple times.

On Friday, Psaki underscored the Biden administration's association with Facebook. She stated it is affirming that social media companies are aware of the most recent narratives. She added if a user is prohibited from a platform for proffering misinformation, the user should be prohibited from all other social media sites.

She also noted that the COVID-19 task force members and senior White House staff members were in coordination with Facebook and other social media platforms.

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