A suicide bombing recorded at least 35 fatalities in a congested market in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, on the eve of the festivities of Eid al-Adha. The body parts of the victims were dispersed throughout the busy market. The crime scene was initially packed with customers buying food prior to the Islamic festival.

Medical sources report that a suicide attack caused the explosion inside the Wahailat market on Monday. Over 60 people were wounded, with a number of them now in critical condition, according to a police source.

The explosion transpired in the densely populated majority-Shiite suburb. A video posted on social media of the result of the explosion displayed yelling people and bloodied victims.

Islamic State Group Claims Responsibility for the Blast

On Tuesday, the Islamic State group claimed accountability for the suicide detonation. The militant group, in a message posted to its Telegram channel, stated that suicide bomber Abu Hamza al-Iraqi blew up his explosive belt on Monday in the midst of a throng of people in Sadr City, an eastern suburb of Baghdad.

The fatalities toll may rise as some wounded people were in critical condition, according to hospital sources. Iraq President Barham Salih remarked that they will not rest before terrorism is uprooted with the advent of a devastating crime that targetted Sadr City citizens on the eve of the Islamic festival.

According to the Iraqi interior ministry in a statement, a terror onslaught through the use of an IED (improvised explosive device) made locally was the cause of the destruction.

A number of shops burned down as an aftermath of the fatal explosion. Children and women were among the fatalities, reported Aljareeza. Numerous market stalls in Sadr City had their roofs blown up by the strong shattering.

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The Iraq president added the culprits do not allow citizens to celebrate the occasion with glee even for one moment. The International Committee of the Red Cross showed its symphaties as well, indicating it was a lonely Eid evening in the nation, reported Express.

Initially, security officials informed that the fatalities toll was at least 18. They were concerned that the number killed could rise further and it did. No immediate claim of accountability was made, reported Macau Business.

This incident has been deemed as one of the worst attacks in the capital of Iraq in the past few years. Medical sources said seven children and eight women were among the fatalities.

By the end of 2017, the government of Iraq announced victory in its war against the Sunni Muslim jihadist group. However, sleeper cells carry on a low-level revolt in Iraq.

This 2021, it was the third time that a bomb struck a market in the inundated area. At least four individuals in April in Sadr City were killed in a car bomb siege.

A joint interior ministry security and military body called Baghdad Operations Command remarked it had initiated a probing into the striking on Monday.

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