The World Health Organization (WHO) is so far not informed of what Nokor Leader Kim Jong Un depicted as a significant mishap that has potentially altered his country's fight to alleviate COVID-19. According to a WHO spokesman, the organization is incognizant of reports regarding one serious incident on a lapse in anti-epidemic measures, other than such being shared by the media.

North Korea was one of the few countries to assert it has had no novel coronavirus cases. However, Kim currently stated that his furtive nation faces "a great crisis" associated with the pandemic. He blamed this on the mismanagement of his own party bureaucrats.

Failure To Implement Guidelines

The leader remarked the failure to implement guidelines to tackle the coronavirus had resulted in a grave crisis. He also admonished ruling party officials for risking his country and people's safety, according to state media on Wednesday. State news agency KCNA's report did not expound on the nature of the crisis or how it put people at vulnerability, reported Reuters.

According to the aforementioned spokesperson, "Based on the latest COVID-19 update from the government to WHO (as of 24 June), there are still no COVID-19 cases reported in DPR Korea," reported Newsweek. He used an acronym indicating the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the official name of North Korea.

Relatively a small amount of information is known about the coronavirus situation in North Korea, a totalitarian state where Kim's regime manages the media and most other public life aspects. Officials in the US and elsewhere have questioned whether the nation has actually escaped the virus entirely, reported NBC News.

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The nation has not officially confirmed any coronavirus cases. However, the reclusive country has implemented rigid anti-virus guidelines, including domestic travel curbs and border closures.

North Korea is one of the mere five countries in the world that is still reporting no COVID-19 cases. They are along with the island nations of Tonga, Nauru, and Tuvalu, and fellow Asian authoritarian Turkmenistan. Concerns have been raised that this zero-case status may be in jeopardy. At the second enlarged meeting of the ruling Korean Workers' Party Eighth Central Committee Political Bureau on Wednesday, Kim lashed out at the officials. 

Shedding some rare light on Nokor, Kim denounced "senior officials in charge of important state affairs" who abandoned particular unspecified decisions in connection to the emergency epidemic prevention campaign linked to the global health crisis.

The Nokor leader mentioned that their negligence resulted in a crucial case of creating a great crisis in affirming the security of the state and safety of the people, thus creating grave consequences. Numerous secretaries of the central committee, politburo members, and officials of many state agencies were replaced at the meeting.

According to South Korean Vice Foreign Minister Choi Jong-kun, officials in Seoul were aware of the report but had nothing to add when asked about Kim's statements.

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