After failing to take the seats in Virginia's state House of Delegates during the 2019 elections, the Republican Party sets its eyes on the 13 Democrat incumbents, exhausting all possible efforts to win back Virginia in the upcoming 2021 election. 

Republicans focus on taking Virginia back

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC), tasked to help the Republicans assume positions in the state legislatures, released a list of 13 Virginia districts that they will attempt to take control of in the November 2021 election, reported the Epoch Times.

In an interview, RSLC President Dee Duncan remarked, "No matter where Democrats win, the people lose, and it is absolutely critical that we remind voters of that reality ahead of Virginia's elections this fall." They aim to replace the liberals with "commonsense" conservatives that, they believe, will prioritize Virginia. 

RSLC says Dems are causing more problems on the national level

After Duncan made his announcements, his party sponsored an ad campaign, convincing the voters that democrats should be voted out of their seats. They accused the Dems of detrimental to Virginia state, causing more harm than good. 

In the ad campaign, the narrator talks about a list of things they attribute to Democrats winning control of Washington. These are rising inflation and high taxes, unions in schools, and increasing crime rates amid calls to defund the police. The advertisement specified Richmond and pointed out the issue of higher taxes and weaker businesses. Restrictions due to the pandemic are also brought up. The ad says They kept our children locked out of the classroom." Furthermore, the ad warns that if Democrats continued to rule, more states would suffer. The ad campaign concludes with a clear call to action to "end democrat control," as per RSLC

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Democrats on building a better Virginia

Democrats paint a different picture. Despite the accusations against the Democrats that are currently holding seats in Virginia's State House of Delegates, the Democrats have been working to make Virginia better by implementing stricter gun control, abolishing the death sentence, legalizing marijuana, and granting criminals political rights with the Voting Rights Act of Virginia, as reported in Virginia House Dems.

Charniele Herring, the House Democratic Majority Leader of Virginia, said in February, "I am proud to lead the new majority in building a new legacy for Virginia, one that is more equitable and benefits everyone across the Commonwealth. Becoming the first state in the South to abolish the death penalty and legalize marijuana is just the beginning of this next chapter, " quoted in Virginia House Dems

About 11 of the 13 seats were usurped by the Democrats who won the election by a slim margin against the Republicans in the 2019 election while two of the challenger hopefuls got the smallest 10-point lead.

Democrats currently control 55 of the House of Delegates' 100 seats. 

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