Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett informed the United States and other countries seeking to rekindle the Iran nuclear deal to "wake up." According to Bennett, Ebrahim Raisi, an apprentice of Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, would set up the tenure of violent hangmen.

Discussions continue to revive a landmark negotiation to limit Iran's nuclear program. According to Bennett, Iran's "regime of brutal hangmen" wants nuclear weapons, which Iran has consistently denied.

Condemnation of Raisi as Iran's President

On Sunday, Israel denounced the election of hardline judge Ebrahim Raisi as Iranian president. It remarked that world powers should not negotiate with Israel on a new nuclear deal, reported Reuters.

According to Bennett, who replaced Benjamin Netanyahu the previous week following the former prime minister's failure to form a new government, "Raisi's election is, I would say, the last chance for world powers to wake up before returning to the nuclear agreement, and understand who they are doing business with," reported Fox News.

Bennett added that they must not be allowed access to weapons of mass destruction and that he will not be changing his position on the matter. 

According to diplomats, there was a progression on the renewing of the deal, which the United States withdrew from under former President Donald Trump. Gaps remain to be bridged. Israel opposes the deal, reported BBC.

Iran's chief jurist who is under US sanctions for human rights contraventions, Raisi, won over 62 percent of ballots in Saturday's election that was marked by extremely low turnout defined by voter apathy. Less than half the nation's qualified voters cast their vote.

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The Iran elected hardliner is the nation's top judge who holds ultra-conservative views. He was elected as the new president on Friday in a presidential race widely regarded as being orchestrated to favor his win. The president-elect will be inaugurated in August. He has been associated with previous executions of political prisoners.

Bennett has pulled through with Netanyahu's view that the United States should not rejoin the nuclear deal that Trump withdrew from in 2018. According to the Biden government, it wanted to restart deals with Iran regarding returning to the negotiation the Obama government arranged with global powers in 2015.

Negotiators from the six undersigned nations -- the United Kingdom, the United States, China, France, Russia, and Germany - and Iran have been holding discussions since April to revive the negotiation. It witnessed Iran restrict its nuclear activities in return for sanctions relief. But, Iran has been contravening the negotiation since the US unilaterally left it.

The Biden administration has begun talks with the nations remaining to be participating in the accord.

The nations on Sunday gathered for a sixth round of indirect discussions between the Iran and United States in Vienna. They adjourned for the delegates to come back to their capitals.

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