Report reveals the recent racist comments from first son Hunter Biden who described Asian Women as "yellow." Said comments were addressed to his cousin Caroline Biden after he was supposed to be meet someone who was not identified personally, noted a news report.

Further details indicate he had the conversation saved on his laptop's hard drive with the messages dated January 26, 2019.

Racial Slurs

A screenshot was allegedly taken by the New York Post, showing that his cousin whose father, James Biden, had suggested Hunter might want to meet friends of hers.

During the exchange, it was stated what kind of girl was preferred by the President's son. Later, his cousin remarked that she cannot recommend an Asian, and indicated that it won't happen because she was not inclined.

Bombshell comment and the N-word

Hunter sent two messages later saying that a "domesticated foreigner" also is fine. One of the messages appeared racist when he said, it was "no yellow," cited by Sputnik News.

Recently, the younger Biden was caught with instances of racist tones, he reportedly called his attorney, George Mesires, the N-word a week ago.

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In 2018, he talked to his lawyer and asked how much he owe for legal services, and remarked that he did not like getting charged Hennessy rates.

When the story came out, the media was already slamming the report while the mainstream media dropped the story altogether.

The contents of the laptop that contain what Hunter said that Asians are "yellow" is considered improper especially these days when Asians are targeted with physical violence.

President Joe Biden signed an order that would hasten what he called coronavirus-related hate crimes into law.

But, Hunter has a precedent with the president's own words that had mentioned race-charged language that referred to South Asian. One statement by Joe Biden said that most 7-Eleven or a Dunkin' Donuts will have someone with a slight Indian accent.

Meanwhile, Caroline Biden is not spared from her own past. One time she had a guilty plea for a DUI but was not sentenced due to her family name.

In 2018, she had another run-in with the judge in New York for Petty Larceny when she used a stolen credit card, spending $110,000 with it in an upscale Greenwich Village pharmacy. The earliest in 2013, she was charged over trying to hit an officer over an issue of unpaid rent.

More details

When he was talking to Caroline about meeting someone else after his breakup from Hallie Biden, the widow of his older brother Beau Biden. The separation allegedly took place in April 2019. During this time, he got Lunden Roberts pregnant, who is a "basketball mentor" to his daughter Maisy.

Recently, the Justice Department has opened an investigation that cite Hunter as a person of interest in a tax investigation in December 2020.

When he was asked by the media what he was doing in relation to this probe. He was cooperating and said that vindication from anything illegal will be cleared up.

One daily said that email from the laptop that is dated from 2017, shows that he got  $10 million annual fee as payment from a unidentified Chinese billionaire. He is said to be the contact person, but not who it really was, cited the BBC.

One of his partners, Tony Bobulinsky said that Joe Biden was involved in transactions with the Chinese despite his denial. The younger Biden was always referring to his father on several occasions.

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