The computer repairman central in 'Hunter Biden laptop scandal' has filed another case against Twitter. They called the repairman a hacker and even canceled the New York Post story.

 A victim, the computer repairman, was silenced to keep the laptop scandal off the news. This was to avoid the adverse effects on Joe Biden's campaign, which he denied many times.

Laptop scandal was kept off the front pages

 When the story broke, Hunter Biden left his laptop in a computer repair shop, and damning data was recovered but never fully verified. The shop owner was accused of hacked material that forced him to close the shop, reported the Blaze.

This time, John Paul Mac Isaac filed a new lawsuit in Federal court against Twitter because the big tech firm defamed him. He was accused of hacking the data from the laptop. Twitter is one of the entities that kept the Hunter Biden story quiet and effectively shut down the shop owner.

Many social media platforms and pro-Democrat outlets prevented it from spreading, keeping many voters in the dark. This was brought up many times and even in the presidential debates. When Trump pressed Biden, who got very frazzled and reacted sharply.

The first case was trashed in December for no jurisdiction, damages up to 500 million as part of it. Because Twitter indelicately called him a hacker, which damaged his reputation in the 'Hunter Biden laptop scandal,' and got threats from Biden supporters. It led to him losing his business and reputation.

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 The lawsuit

 In his defense against what Twitter calls hacking, his lawyers stated he was not a hacker and the data was not illegally obtained. Hunter Biden himself agreed to the company policy. Biden tried to retrieve the laptop data even as it was left forgotten in the shop. Only when did the owner realize the contents were salvaged did Biden want it back.

 After the laptop owner's representatives could not get it legally, they used Twitter to defame the shop owner. He was called a hacker for retrieving information per the service. Mac Issac posted a video that declared the damage done by calling him a hacker.

Mac Isaac said that he was not a hacker and was never in the face of Twitter's twisting the truth. Pro establishment media is biased and keeps stories that are critical of the front page.

Twitter's big cover-up

 It broke on the New York Post, October last year, how Joe Biden's son had shady business overseas. But Twitter alleged it was hacked and fake news that violate its rules.

 Mac Isaac added he got the data legally and never gave the hard drive data himself. Through Rudy Giuliani, who got a copy and gave it to the New York Post who published the story. Hunter forgot the laptop, and copies were made from the hard drive. Biden admitted it was his and never denied it.

 In the second lawsuit, Mac Isaac filed will try to restate that Twitter is in Florida, and he was defamed when working in the sunshine state. The total amount asked for damages is $75,000 for every wrong done to him in the 'Hunter Biden laptop scandal.'

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