Prince Harry recently made headlines when he said that he did not comprehend the public outpouring of sorrow following his late mother, Princess Diana's, death because he did not want to share his pain with the world. Angela Levin, royal analyst and Prince Harry's biographer who authored the book Harry: Biography of a Prince, called him selfish and very immature in revealing his views about other people's reactions to his mother's funeral. 

In his new mental health series with Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry said he was haunted by the sound of horses' hooves cracking down The Mall at Princess Diana's funeral, and that felt like he was outside of his body while following his mother's coffin down the road.

"I was astonished when Prince Harry said again how much he despised all the people who were encircling him and grieving during Diana's funeral because it was his mother, and they shouldn't do that. It showed that he was still very immature," Levin said on Royalty TV's The Royal Beat.

Response to the recent interviews

Despite coming under quite severe criticism from his son, Prince Charles has opted on a strategy of dignified silence in public, said the leading royal correspondent Roya Nikkhah, as per Daily Mail.

The remarks follow royal analyst Camilla Tominey's claims that Kate Middleton told friends that it wasn't too late to bring Prince Harry and Meghan back into the fold before their Oprah interview aired. Before the interview, the Duchess of Cambridge, 39, is reported to have taken the same approach as The Queen and hoped they would return to the Firm.

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Royal Family 'very worried' about Prince Harry's mental health

According to a royal expert, the Royal Family is very worried about Prince Harry's mental health in light of his recent public statements. Harry told Oprah that his brother, Prince William, feels "trapped" in the Royal Family during the conversation.

Harry went on to say that he is following a different route than his brother William. He described their relationship as having space and mentioned that time can heal all wounds. However, he had harsher words for his father. Prince Harry said that Prince Charles, had truly let him down and that a lot of hurts has occurred.

Per The Sun, because she fears the devastating consequences for Prince Harry's mental health, the Queen will not shut the door for him. The Queen's focus is said to be her grandson's well-being, despite her being secretly distraught by the Duke and Duchess' constant truth bomb attacks on the Royal Family.

Multiple sources told Page Six that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are "definitely" on the Queen's Platinum Jubilee invite list and will not be iced out. The pair, who have left the royal family staggering with accusations of their horrible time within palace walls, is set to return to the UK next year to mark Her Majesty's 70th year on the throne.

The Queen's Jubilee will be celebrated in June 2022 with a four-day weekend, which will include a celebration at Buckingham Palace. The family will also be excited to meet the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's new baby girl, who is coming any day now, according to Page Six's reliable source.

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