Fans of America's Got Talent celebrated when judge Simon Cowell returned to the show following a bike crash. The 61-years-old's reappearance stunned the other judges since he was casually dressed in shorts.

Terry Crews welcomed the judges Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara to the audience on Tuesday's edition of American Idol. "And today, I am delighted to announce the triumphant return of Simon Cowell," he said, as per The Sun.

Simon's attire, which comprised a pair of casual knee-length shorts, stunned Sofia, 48, and Heidi, 48. Later in the program, Howie joined Simon on stage in white shorts as the judges matched. The judges weren't the only ones surprised by Simon's reappearance; fans flocked to Twitter to express their delight at his comeback.

Simon Cowell won't judge at X Factor Israel

Following the ongoing crisis between Israelis and Palestinians, Simon Cowell is said to have canceled his scheduled visit as a judge on "X Factor Israel." "After all, Simon isn't going to Israel. I know it was already reported that he would be one of the judges, but for a number of reasons, he is unable to film the show in Israel at this time," a source told the Jewish News.

"Of course he's sad, but it was a decision he had to make," the source continued, declining to clarify whether Israel's recent confrontation with Hamas influenced Cowell's decision. After the recent violence in Gaza, a representative for Reshet, an Israeli TV company that produces "X Factor Israel," said Cowell was canceling for his reasons. A company representative added that Cowell's staff had reached out with legitimate concerns about his participation but that he had made no final decision at the time.

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Cowell's horrible bike crash

After hurting his back in a horrible bike accident, Simon returned to America's Got Talent judging panel. After the accident, the father of one had to endure a six-hour surgery to have a rod implanted.

After the accident, he was at least healthy enough to post a brief note on his social media sites. At the time of the disaster, Simon was with his fiancée Lauren, his son Eric, and her son from a previous relationship. The record executive was forced to miss the resumption of his show America's Got Talent due to his injuries.

Simon Cowell's condition has fallen into disrepair that his recovery would be considerably slowed. He had problems following surgery to fuse two vertebrae, which forced him to spend six months in bed.

He was said to be on many medications at the time, and he was too sick even to film brief promos for America's Got Talent from home. He was, however, able to take a short walk around his garden and undertake some minor physical therapy in a pool. On the other hand, Simon stated he was doing much better by February of this year and appeared to be in good spirits, as per Daily Mail.

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