Last Tuesday, District Attorney Andrew Womble, representative of the court, said the deputies are cleared of the Andrew Brown Jr. shooting. The panicking black man was trying to avoid arrest, and they acted in self-defense.

 Andrew Brown Jr. Shooting, police shot in self-defense

 According to DA Womble, the officers were forced to defend themselves after Brown did not allow them to arrest him. He tried to get away by going through them, moving police training to kick in, reported CNN via MSN.

 He gave this statement noted by WRCBtv, "Mr. Brown'sBrown's death, although unfortunate, was reasonable because three authorities believe it was necessary to use deadly force to protect themselves and others as a result of his acts."

Pasquotank Sheriff Tommy Wooten said last Tuesday what will become of the officers. He added the three deputies who will be reinstated and retrained after the incident, cited by USA Today. Furthermore, the officers will have disciplinary action against them.

Wooten stated, according to AP News," While the district attorney established that no criminal laws were broken, it was a terrible and tragic conclusion, and we can do better." Also, During the altercation, two deputies neglected to enable their body cameras.

Chantel Cherry-Lassiter, the Brown family attorney, remarked the deputies did not follow policies; the entire episode was done without the correct response to avoid the shooting. They were saying that the authorities don't know what discipline to apply.

Lassiter said that firing the deputies is not enough but severely disciplined. Brown'sBrown's family is "outraged and upset" by the verdict, told the council to CNN about the Andrew Brown Jr. shooting.

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The DA explained that the victim used his car as a deadly weapon, ignoring the officer's commands.

Brown was critically wounded by Pasquotank County sheriff's deputies in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, on April 21, including once in the back of the head, when they tried to serve two felony warrants and a search warrant explained Womble.

Womble reached his judgment based on findings of a North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation into the incident. The SBI noted that the report is not considered a public record and will not be publicly disclosed.

Last Tuesday, the DA also described four body-camera footage to the public for the first time. The video captures the key moments of the incident, which lasting 44 seconds from the moment police officers exit their car until Brown is removed from his.

According to the incident, three of the seven deputies on the scene discharged a minimum of 14 bullets at Brown. He argued Brown'sBrown's conduct posed a risk, necessitating the cops to shoot, and he gave a comprehensive view of what police officers are legally authorized to do.

He added that using a car against arresting officers as a deadly weapon makes the driver a threat. In most cases, a car is a dangerous weapon if there is intent to harm anyone.

His legal finding directly conflicts with Brown'sBrown's family and attorneys, who have said that images show Brown was attempting to flee from authorities and was not a threat. The killing has been termed an "execution" to drum up public outrage and misinformation.

The Andrew Brown Jr. shooting has started protests in Elizabeth city denouncing police brutality and the government's lack of openness in refusing to make the footage public.

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