The COVID-19 vaccine will be given to individuals who are 16-years old and up to begin on Tuesday. Its goal is to immunize more people and expand who can avail of the jabs.

Sources say that the State University of New York is planning to offer the vaccines to college students who will be sent home soon. More vaccine jabs are pushed to made sure immunization will be increased from its present number based on the Biden administration's initiative.

COVID-19 vaccine age limit has been expanded in New York

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, has authorized those from 30 and over, can get vaccinated from the virus. He made another announcement that allowed individuals from 16 to 29 to be included in the vaccination program to start April 6, as reported by ABCNews.

What can be given to teens from 16 to and 17-year-olds is the two-dose Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, it is the only one that is prescribed for their age group. But, only the permission of parents is needed for those aged 16 to 17 before getting vaccinated at state-run sites.

Some exceptions will apply that do not need parental consent if teens are married or parents themselves. As a warning, getting these vaccines are not 100% proof, because it might entail risk for those under 16-years old.

Expand eligibility to get COVID-19 vaccines, according to New York state health officials, will significantly minimize COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations, particularly among millennials and Generation Xers in this age limit. Protecting not just the elderly and also younger age rages is important as well, to protect everyone from the CCP virus.

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As of early January, those hospitalized for COVID-19 went from 8,600 to 4,400 patients in the state of New York. It is an indication the uptick in the CCP virus is getting less with more vaccine jabs given to more people.

But in mid-March, more new COVID-19 cases have increased and hospital treatment has leveled out as well according to data registered. There more COVID-19 patients in the younger age range who are hospitalized for treatment said the state Department of Health data given to the Associated Press.

The report cited that 1,146 patients with COVID-19, who identified last Sunday are up from ages of 20 to 54. An increase from 986 cases which is a 16% increase detected in early March by sources.

 In New York hospitals, about half of COVID-19 patients are now under the age of 65, a significant increase from January and February, when that age group accounted for one-third of patients. New Yorkers aged 20 to 44 account for 13% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in the state, up from 7% in early January.

Most SUNY Empire State College students will be given the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is only one dose needed to be protected. This would allow them to finish all vaccinations, by the final semester in early May.

Other colleges that include Rutgers University and Cornell University will require all students to be vaccinated when coming back in the fall. But the SUNY has not said if vaccination is a prerequisite to entering the university.

Already there are 350,000 students getting emails to schedule getting the COVID-19 vaccine that falls into the prescribed age limit for vaccination, according to SUNY.

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