The pigeon population in various areas has grown considerably over the last few years. These gentle, plump, and small birds are naturally attracted to urban areas. That's mainly because they love the hard surfaces our roofs and ledges provide, perfect for breeding, roosting, nesting as well as nurturing their young ones. On the flip side, too many pigeons in an area may be a nuisance for most people. Also, pigeon droppings can be hazardous to health. Therefore, pigeon control programs in the most humane way possible are necessary. Following are some quite civilized ways to control pigeon populations:

Put a stop to the intentional and unintentional food sources

Many bird lovers find feeding pigeons a great and enjoyable pastime. If these people stop feeding these rapidly multiplying birds, then perhaps the pigeon population can be controlled. Most of the pigeons, not getting enough food, will most probably migrate towards other areas.

However, most of the time, pigeons are not getting food from intentional sources. Instead, they are relying on the unintentional sources available. These are mainly near public areas or local parks where we, messy humans, leave behind crumbs and leftovers for the birds to feast upon. If food attractants are cleaned up regularly, then there is a chance that pigeon populations will remain under control.

Install bird slides

Pigeons tend to land on flat surfaces, roofs, or ledges, and they might even live on them. Attaching metal or wood sheathing at a forty-five to sixty degree angle above these flat surfaces can reduce the risk of pigeons inhabiting your window ledges without harming them.

Insert bird wires

Bird Wires over railings, ledges, and rooftops keep away the pigeons to some extent. It is a humane method because it does not pose any threat to the birds. It only makes the landing surfaces uncomfortable for the pigeons. Hence, they start migrating to other places.

Use spikes, coils, and netting

For large areas, netting is a plausible option. However, boundaries and walls can be guarded by putting up spikes or utilizing coils, for that matter. The use of spikes, coils, and nets, are all humane ways of keeping the pigeons away by making the surfaces or areas hard to reach for the pigeons. These methods do not kill or harm any birds.

Bird repellent gel

Bird repellent gel comes in the form of tubes and is used for applying on flat surfaces where the risk of pigeons' roosting and landing is greater. This inexpensive bird repellent is, for the most part, practical and also very easy to apply. Not only that, but it also lasts quite long without actually damaging the surface of the buildings or causing harm to other animals.

Birth Control program

There are a number of effective and humane ways to control pigeon population. Ovocontrol P is a widely-used birth control program in pigeons. As it's an accepted method worldwide, we are going to discuss it in detail.

What is Birth Control in Pigeons?

It is a carefully devised bait that impacts the ability of eggs to fertilize. It is a kibble-type food composed of particular ingredients, including nicarbazin, when consumed regularly by an average pigeon, resulting in the underdevelopment of the eggs. In simple words, very little breeding takes place, if any at all.

How to set the bait?

The first step required for the pigeon control program is estimating the number of pigeons that populate the area. This will give you an overall idea about how much kibble will be needed. This will also determine the size of feeder kits required. 

Next, begin with the conditioning stage, which consists of feeding the pigeons pre-bait cracked corn at a specific place known as the feeder. Once the pigeons are trained to feed on the feeders at that specific time, you can feed them the bait.

What are the Advantages of Birth Control over other Pigeon Control Methods

Advantages over coils, nets, and spikes

The reason for using the system of spikes, coils, or nets is to discourage the birds from living in one area and move to the next. While this may resolve the problem for many places, it can undoubtedly create problems for other neighborhoods to which this flock migrates. Pigeon birth control, on the other hand, is devised aesthetically and carefully to cause a decline in population with the control over births. This completely resolves the problem effectively.

Advantages over other chemical control methods

Pigeon birth control is a widely used method which while being environment-friendly, has also been approved by the EPA. All animal welfare supports the use of this method mainly because it prevents hatching without much risk of toxicants. It must be noted that it does not cause death, neither does it have any type of long-term effects on the pigeon in question or the predators involved in the food chain.


To sum it up, pigeon populations are a pretty severe problem and should be given attention and heed immediately. Also, there are several ways to overcome this problem. However, what matters the most is the way you approach it. Some humane methods are mentioned above, along with their benefits. Inconsiderate and uncivilized techniques should be avoided at all costs to promote an eco-friendly and environmentally sound biome for all life forms.