British Royal Marine equipped with Gravity Industries Jet Pack used it for jump jetting and landing on a moving ship. The jet pack is explored as future equipment for soldiers to gain high mobility in combat and operations.

Gravity industries jet pack for jump jetting

Looking to the future, British Marines are looking for new technology to assist them in carrying out their orders. It seems jet pack technology the answer to enhancing soldier mobility, reported Futurism.

Why limit soldiers to walking or running when flying will revolutionize the business of fighting, the obstacle would mean nothing to jet and leaping soldiers wearing jet packs.

Recently, a tech start-up, the UK-based jetpack maker Gravity Industries, made a video demoing the advantages of flight packs for maneuvers. In one scene, a Marine is equipped with a jet engine-powered suit to fly up and leap high on a powerboat, then boosting up and landing on a larger ship.

One version of the test is when the soldier lands and whips out a handgun, a sneak preview into how the military and police intend to use jetpacks for quick infiltration missions.

Military and police units will have to learn how to use flight packs effectively in fast insertion missions and evaluated if it effective enough to use, cited the Asymmetrical Warfare Group.

It seems so easy how the marines flew up and reached the ship's top deck in seconds, really fast.

The news comes after a video of a Dutch special ops soldier performing a similar maneuver with a Gravity Industries flight pack jump jetting was released by the same firm. There were several demonstrations before this.

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On November 21, 2019, onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth, which was holding the 2019 Atlantic Future Forum (AFF) at anchor off Annapolis, Washington, D.C., during U.K.'s largest aircraft carrier's deployment to the U.S., an unusual and strange demonstration took place, remarked We Are the Mighty.

Richard Browning, an ex-Royal Marines reservist, jumped from the aircraft carrier in a jet-powered flying suit, welcoming journalists on a boat bringing journalists before flying back to the landing platform adjacent to HMSQE.

Gravity Industries, a British aeronautical engineering company created by the former Royal Marines reservist, posted a video of the 2019 demo on its Instagram account. The event of the earlier demo coincided with the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy on the HMS Queen Elizabeth, testing the F-35B onboard the British ship.

Maker of the jet pack was one of the attractions 2019 AFF, to showcase the jet pack during the event, but was more for a show, unlike the 2021 more complex demo.

Ex. Marine Richard Browning was not the only demonstrator of a Gravity's flight pack in July 2019 on Bastille Day in Paris. Another inventor who invented a hoverboard, jet skier Franky Zapata demonstrated his hoverboard to French President Emmanuel Macron.

Browning's fellow inventor of a flight pack even carried a rifle as the French military forces paraded down the Champs-élysées.

Next-generation jet packs like Gravity Industries showing a jump jetting marine do have combat applications, but it will take time.

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