Kate Middleton's family is beginning to speak publicly regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's "Oprah" interview. The Duchess of Cambridge's uncle, Gary Goldsmith, has voiced out about the Duchess of Sussex, claiming that Kate Middleton made her cry during a bridesmaid fitting.

Meghan Markle Crying on 'Oprah' Interview

According to Goldsmith, "I've known Kate since she was born and she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. It's just simply not in her nature. She's even lovelier on the inside than on the outside." He continued that if anyone had thrown a tantrum, it must have been Markle, reported Country Living.

Real Time host Bill Maher has been paying attention to the ongoing fallout from Prince Harry and Markle's Oprah interview on Sunday. He spent much of the airtime on Friday's episode of his show talking about it. He said that he is dubious of some of what Markle stated regarding her experience with the British royal family. He believed the accusations of racism but referred to her allegations about what she did and did not know about Prince Harry's family before they met.

According to Maher, Markle filmed her TV show for years in Toronto. He remarked every time she bought a mochaccino, she used coins with her mother-in-law's face on it, reported The Wrap.

In the interview with Oprah Winfrey, Markle stated tabloid reporters misunderstood when they published the narrative regarding her conflict with Kate Middleton in 2018. She claimed it was Prince William's wife who made her tear up in one incident. She also alleged the palace supported the story that she is the villain against her sister-in-law, reported Business Times.

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Markle reportedly knew Middleton was "powerless" to retaliate after her allegation. According to a royal source, the claims made by the duchess during her bombshell interview have aggravated the divide between the Sussexes and the Cambridges, particularly between Markle and Prince William.

Prince William allegedly has thought Markle "threw Kate Middleton under the bus" with her remarks in the interview. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex plunged the monarchy into another crisis upon making accusations of racism within the family and a lack of support for Markle's mental state.

Markle is thought to have "misinterpreted" Middleton's efforts to help her adapt to royal life. During the sit-down, she divulged that Middleton had made her tear up over a disagreement regarding flower girl dresses. It was initially suggested that Middleton sobbed during the heated argument before Markle's nuptials to Prince Harry, 37. Markle clarified that she has wept for a few days.

Goldsmith remarked Middleton would have been making efforts to make peace. He added that he would fight for Middleton's honor until the day he dies. She is the "most spectacular person" he has met. He is the brother of Carole Middleton, the mother of Middleton.

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