The Biden Administration plans to increase the numbers of migrants released into the U.S. Along with the pandemic and the economy slowing down, some call it anti-American first.

To increase the number of migrants released is a big mistake

According to Fox News, the Biden administration plans to expand the proportion of illegal immigrants released into the United States.

The reported decision to release more illegal immigrants into the United States rose as the number of migrants at the southern border is more than can be handled but is still happening, reported the Blaze.

According to the media outlet, several internal communications within the Department of Homeland Security show that the Biden administration is incapable of solving the crisis he created after the flood immigrants have strained border services.

The DHS is developing plans for an Alternatives to Detention (ATD) program. The ATD program was introduced in 2004 by Immigration and Customs Enforcementand it has several components. It includes case management and electronic monitoring to ensure adult aliens will follow the laws of the United States and their release conditions, appear at immigration court hearings, or risk getting deported from the U.S.

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The technology used by ICE is GPS tracking devices, telephonic reporting, or smartphone apps to trace all immigrants who are released from detention by authorities based on several criteria. These criteria serve as a guide in the decision-making process on whether to allow them to stay in the U.S. or not.

According to data from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement website, "In August 2020, there are over 3.3 million people designated to the non-detained list, many with pending cases in the immigration courts."

"Of these, ICE has the resources to track about 5 percent of the total non-detained community, with an estimated 100,000 aliens."

A month ago, a senior source with Customs and Border Protection said the Rio Grande Valley Sector would start releasing illegal immigrants seeking asylum. Without a Notice to Appear, they will be released without being given an immigration court date.

These measures got many people mad as it affects taxpayers. One factor is housing aliens in hotel rooms that cost $86 million for 1200 migrant families. Another is flying the aliens to the Canadian border for processing.

A DHS spokesperson said that most single adults and families would be kicked out, but some cases will have another process where they decide whether they are fit to stay in the U.S. or be deported from its borders.

However, new reports from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection that say Biden's mismanagement of Trump's policies have singlehandedly made this border crisis on his own.

The Customs and Border Patrol said that more than 172,000 people tried to enter the U.S. in March — that was noticeably more than February. Cayotes and Cartels profited from the mistake of president Biden, and the increased numbers of migrants will be another burden to American taxpayers.

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