Sen. Tim Scott will represent the Republican party's reaction to President Joe Biden's first address to Congress, scheduled for April 28. This was mentioned by the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy last Thursday.

Sen. Tim Scott will get the first crack at Biden's first address to Congress

According to South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, the Republican's response to the first Congress address is relevant to the party, which will give an idea of what the president has in mind, reported the Epoch Times.

He was quoted saying this statement via NPR.

"We face serious challenges on a lot of issues, but I am as hopeful as I have ever been regarding America's promise and potential."

He added, "I am looking forward to providing an open and frank conversation with the American people and communicating Republicans' optimistic vision for expanding opportunity and empowering working families."

Scott, age 55, is on his first term and one of the possible choices as a 2024 presidential candidate. He holds an endorsement from former President Donald Trump to boost reelection in 2022.

Trump describes him at the time as "both an excellent senator and a person who works tirelessly for the people of his great state, as well as the United States."

In an email statement, Donald Trump wrote this in his endorsement.

"Strong supporter of the military and law enforcement, values our vets and protects our Second Amendment and borders. Sen. Tim Scott will continue doing the amazing job for our country!"

Last April 13, President's first address to congress was welcomed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) invitation to address a joint session of Congress the night before his 100th day in office.

Sen. Tim Scott Says the Left Hates Dissent, Democrat or Not

President Biden has been a target for delaying his first address; critics crucified his avoidance of the address. Compared to ex-President Trump, his first speech to Congress on Feb. 28, two months before Biden.

Presidents typically use their inaugural address to showcase their early achievements and set the tone for the entirety of their administration. Biden is expected to praise the Senate's passage of the pandemic stimulus bill, which passed with just a single Republican vote. The president is also encouraged to reflect on the surge of executive actions he took in the early months of his presidency.

More than a dozen key Trump administration border and immigration regulations were reversed as part of Biden's early steps. The policy changes triggered an influx of illegal immigrants at a never-before-seen pace that Biden recently dubbed a "crisis."

In a statement, McConnell called Scott "one of the most inspirational and unifying leaders in our country" and "one of the best leaders in the Senate Republican conference."

Mitch McConnell said that Scott is living his mother's American dream. He wants to help others have more opportunities for those who needed it.

 Rep. McCarthy added," The Republican Party of today is a burgeoning group of working-class Americans who value liberty in search of the American dream. Senator Scott Brown, my friend, and colleague embodies the spirit of today's Republican Party more than anybody else in Congress."

Sen. Tim Scott and his slated speech about Joe Biden's first address to congress is upcoming; McConnell and McCarthy are confident of their endorsement.

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